Is developing natural resources more important than protecting the environment?

  • The human race is the most developed race on earth by using natural resources

    We use natural resources to our advantage to become more civilized
    in technological and every way we can think of. If we don't use more of it than we can't grow. We can think of the environment later and if anyone needs to think about the environment it is the US because it pollutes more than any country.

  • Yes, developing natural resources is more important than protecting the environment.

    Yes, developing natural resources is paramount to the continuation of the human race. As the population increases not only does land use increase but also the developent of nature resources need to increases in order to feed, clothe, and nurture the needs and desires of a whole generation of humans.

  • We need to live.

    Yes, developing natural resources is more important than protecting the environment, because we have to have energy to live. We are small. Humans cannot do so much damage to destroy the planet. We should be able to develop energy to live our lives comfortably. The world is for us, too.

  • Saving the Mother Earth

    Protecting the environment is obviously more important than developing natural resources as if environment will be not suitable for living, Where will we live. I agree that resources are too present in limited quantity but it does not mean that we cannot live without them, We can somewhat manage for a few days without resources as they are nowhere till years bu we cannot live for years without suitable environment. Even dinosaurs couldn't manage for a few months without their natural environment.

    I am in favor of saving the environment than developing natural resources.

  • Yes It Is

    If we don't develop the natural resources then the resources which are finite will one day extinguish from nature and we humans ill die.
    If we keep on thinking about renewable resources only then what will happen to non renewable resources have you thought ?
    They will also one day extinguish from nature & till they will come back the life will have been finished from earth.

  • Both can be done

    Developing natural resources does not need to by definition be harmful to the environment, we can develop cleaner, safer resources without damaging what they come from. The two things need not be mutually exclusive, we need to develop natural resources but we need to do it more intelligently so that we can continue in the future.

  • No It Is Not

    I do not believe developing natural resources is more important than protecting the environment. I believe oil companies are trying to ruin the environment in the quest for oil and this should not be allowed. Natural resources are finite and the people of the world need to remember this fact. We should be concentrating on renewable energy, not tearing the planet apart to access more natural resources.

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