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  • IS Diary of a Wimpy Kid really Good

    Yes its good because many kids enjoy it. It's not a comic or regular chapter book. It's a fun book. But it's not educational. Its popular enough to sell and make more. But as a kid I do not enjoy them at all. It lets readers know that its awesome!

  • Yes, it is.

    Written by a New York best-selling author, also creator of Poptropica, well known game for teenagers and kids, it's an extremely popular book, as well as the movies based off it.
    Myself, I enjoyed it, but Corgi is wrong. The art isn't "bad". They are actually good artists, they just wanted it to seem comic-like.
    The jokes were pretty good, yes, they were lame, but I think that's what's funny about them.
    Remember, they're asking if it's popular, not if you in particular likes it or not.

  • It is a decent series, and popular among younger people.

    I believe people younger then middle school will still sometimes read it, but not many highschoolers+ do much, so 10-15 is around what ages read it, and is very popular with. I find it a decent series, but I'm not as big on it as some people, so out of 1-10? I rate 7/10, myself, popularity? 8.7/10.

  • It is a book that is very fun too read

    This book is a book that is all talking about a middle schooler and comedic and humour talking that has to be contacted to your body. This is a story that will take the readers mind and will make them keep reading it. So it is some sort of popular book, I am guessing.

  • It's horrible I hate it

    This book is the worst book I've ever read not to know that I walked out of the movie theatre just because I didn't like the movie. So I would quite recommend this book if your into jokes that will never make you laugh and horrible drawings this book is for you.

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