• Yes it is.

    Diet soda is totally good for you. Diet soda doesn't have any calories in it. Plus, if you know that stuff, prove it. You can't prove that stuff by just saying it. You need proof. Are any of you scientists? NO. YOU CAN'T. So try. You can't. So in conclusion, diet soda is good for you.

  • No it's not. I is healthy.

    Diet soda is good for you. It is because it doesn't have any calories. And if you said what you guys just said. You should prove it. None of that stuff you said is proved. So hat is the point on saying that if you can't prove it. You're not scientist are you. Nope. So try to prove it.

  • Diet Soda is Much Worse

    Diet soda is so much worse for you. Diet soda contains acesulfame, which is 200 times more sweet than sugar. Another thing that diet does is it switches on fat storage mode in your body, which makes you gain weight very fast, which I think no one likes. Another thing diet soda does is it can cause addiction and craving, which is bad because then you want to buy more battery acid. And, to top it all off, it doesn't even hydrate you!! People really should stop drinking diet soda. Seriously, it's for your own good.

  • Diet is very bad for you.

    Diet soda is proven to make you gain weight. You might think "no it is diet so its healthy", but no because of the taste it gives you more sugar cravings an that might give you a sugar addiction. It is also proven that you can get a heart attack form it.

  • Diet soda is not good for you.

    The guy on the left says "Prove it", and while I'm not a scientist, I dont need to be. There is this thing called communication. It is wonderful. Even though I am not a scientist, the people who ARE can tell me about what they discovered. You can't prove diet soda is GOOD for you, and at the very best, it just isn't BAD for you.

  • It is not.

    Diet soda is not good for you. While diet soda may be a little bit healthier for you then regular soda, it is still bad for your health. Diet soda still contains high fructose corn syrup, which can be directly linked to diabetes, and can cause many other health issues.

  • Diet soda is not good for you.

    Diet soda is in no way good for you, it is practically just as bad as regular soda but with less calories. People might ask "Well if regular soda is bad why would they make diet?", Because diet is just a way to make you think that you are being healthier and having less sugar when you are in fact just having a sugar substitute which is just as bad.

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