• Yes it is.

    Yes, diet soda is contributing to America's weight problem. People think they can drink sugarless diet sodas and not gain weight, but studies show the opposite effect. Scientific studies show that individuals who drink diet sodas actually gain weight. Partly due to overall lifestyle and largely due to the chemicals in diet sodas, weight gain happens.

  • Yes, it seems diet soda is one of the things making Americans overweight

    Yes, it seems diet soda is one of the things making Americans overweight, along with sodas in general as well as snack foods and other processed foods. Diet sodas are made with unnatural ingredients that our bodies are not prepared for. And the fact that they are labelled diet leads people to think it is ok to consume larger quantities of them.

  • Yes, it does.

    There are scientific studies proving this.

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  • Soda, diet or sugary, is only a small part of the weight problem

    There are simply too many tasty calories available at too cheap a price. We have become a nation that is used to having affordable and flavorful food available when we want it -- and when we enjoy eating, we tend to eat too much. Drinking diet soda allows us to feel a bit virtuous -- I've given up some calories! -- and may subliminally encourage us to eat more. But I think it's a matter of too much availability. When sales of potato chips drop because of concerns about fats and salt, the manufacturers create new flavors. We need to get bored with our food, or we eat way too much of it.

  • We Cannot Perform Murders Properly, So We Shouldn't Perform Murders

    Every doctor/physician in the United States, when beginning his/her practice of medicine, takes a pledge to preserve life, and only to preserve life. This is protected by law. It is currently illegal for a doctor in the United States to kill someone. Thus, doctor's cannot perform the killing of a prisoner on death row. Nor can a nurse for the same reason. No medical practitioner in the United States can perform a killing of a prisoner. Because of this, we must hire technicians who are unfortunately, not quite skilled enough to perform the job properly. Botched killings of prisoners are extremely commonplace. If we are going to perform the death penalty, we should perform it properly, and humanely (in my personal opinion, this is America, a first world country). If we cannot do the job right, we shouldn't even attempt to do it at all. We need to either allow doctors to perform the killings of death row inmates, or find another comparable solution. The current situation is unacceptable in this country, and I cannot stand in favor of the death penalty in the way it is currently conducted.

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