• Really good for a dub

    Whilst i naturally prefer sub over dub, fusion turned out really good and none of the epicness was diminished by cheesy jokes *cough cough adventure 2 cough cough*. Fusion is filled with really cool action scenes and the voice acting is superb which really keeps you engrossed in the story. I have to also say that shoutmon (the protagonist digimon) immediately became my favorite digimon simply because of how funny and cool he can be. If you want to watch it though, i recommend watching the original, Xros wars as that way you won't have to wait for fusion to dub the two other story arcs, but if you really want it in english its just as good. Overall, i think that not only is fusion a good digimon series, but is an awesome anime in its own right.

  • Fuck the above shit.

    The new random crap of Transformers, Gundams and Powerrangers Digimon all combined with these and you got a new baby of the Digimon Series! As Xros wars as a name is badass to be honest, then the dub crap were released and rename as Fusion, it's soo stupid... And Digimon looks all too shiny and... Well, that's the another story, just a some Shoutmon example, cool digimon I guess? I mean what the hell is this? Is this a Veemon Ironman disguise? I don't know, with a Heracross robot disguise and LionWolf to make the sorry excuse of Transformers, Gundams and Powerrangers crap with a head is of the improved looking Omnimon without ANY Digimon with it just appeared from fusion randomly, the legs of LionWolf, arms of Heracross Robot Disguise and Shoutmon for a torso, and the V head is on the middle of torso, this is some ****ing Lego mecha piece of crap and I mean, the anime is alright? Not sure it's average, due to the fact some weird Marvel gundam crap looking Digimon and few of the classic Digimon appeared to the show and nothing looks like Digimon to me, nothing looking previous ones looks like, this is not all about digivolving to champion to ultimate... Just fusing the some digimon to get the digimon dildo, and it's only 2 digivolves that one Greymon and GeoGreymon blue form to the golden badass T-rex guy, and tall shiny gold shoutmon, nothing special to show but it's kinda confusing and being too cool and rad...

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