• Digital is better than print.

    Digital is better than print. When some thing is digital, it can be easily changed. Also, digital things can be transported and seen a lot faster and easier than things that have to be printed and then taken. Digital is a better way for every one to be exposed to the media, because it can be put in lots of places very quickly.

  • Yes, digital is more accessible.

    Although print materials, photos and books are nice to have on hand and more aesthetically pleasing, digital editions allow materials to be much more accessible to the public. Digital editions of materials are portable and they do not result in the mass use of resources that printing requires as well.

  • Digital is not always better

    A print book has an art of beauty that a digital can't have. When a print book used a lot, you can see that from the physical of the book. Also an old book. And it become collectible items, especially if you can have the author autograph also. A Digital version won't have a personal author autograph.

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