Is dignity a seven-letter word solution to the problem of 7 billion people?

Asked by: angii
  • Dignity is universal.

    Despite whatever definition any person gives to the word, I believe everyone knows its core meaning, and that is what is most important. Dignity is an opposite of shame, and I would argue that history shows these two words to be more widely accepted and applied to the philosophies of every age than the vast majority of other such words. We all know that dignity is a good thing, and shame a bad one.

  • Yes, dignity is an answer to every problem we face today,

    Dignity is a seven letter word which has a very deep meaning and very less people get the correct meaning before saying that they live a dignifies life. Dignity is not just have good for yourself but to spread it through out the world and share it with everyone. Dignity is self esteem, equality, unity, faith and a key component of life if we all start living a dignified life on individual bases then yes, we can over come any problem that comes our way.

  • Abstractions won't save us

    People can't even agree on what "dignity" means. It really isn't real except that it is a word that people would pair with certain checklists of conditions which vary greatly between people. Granted you can say the same about any word but with dignity the variance in what people mean by it is very great.

    Before getting on any dignity bandwagons make sure you know the brand of dignity that is being sold.

  • Dignity is more like a seven-letter problem of 7 billion people

    The Oxford dictionary defines dignity as the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect. In response to that let me quote Zorg (form the great movie 'The Fifth Element'): "Honour? Huh! Honour's killed millions of people, it hasn't saved a single one."

    I'm not even going to start talking about honor killings to 'restore a family's dignity' (just when one member goes against cultural dictates), or about the fact that even today countless racist groups try to justify their crimes by claiming they have some dignity to them, which people of other ethnicity allegedly lack.
    Well, one could argue these would be extreme examples, and at least generally for 'normal' persons dignity is a good thing. But since dignity is being defined by honour and respect, it almost always relies more on what other people think of us instead of what we think of ourselves. A person displaying pure dignity would in my opinion be nothing but a horrible sheep acting on what the majority considers positive. Which is what sadly many people seem to do.

    So, dignity (i.E. Mainly peer pressure in a pleasant phrasing) is more of a problem than a solution.

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