Is Dilara's debate on wether Sandy Hook was a hoax or not a respectful argument to the children who died?

Asked by: Rightwing15
  • Is your breathing air wrong?

    "I read your Sandy Hook debate, you have no right to say that crap, it is not only disrespectful but dishonoring to the families whose children died in it. Why on earth would you say that stuff." -You

    What gives you the right to decide what someone has the right to say? Last time I checked, you were no one's god or judge. If you wish to be self-righteous, go ahead. But keep it off of the internet. If you are that easily offended, I can assure you your time would be better spent in another place. Seeing a marine take the time out of their day to tell a girl over the internet to grow up makes me sick. Instead of protecting your country or spending time enjoying your life, you're here insulting people younger than you. Oh and you're being disrespectful yourself, hypocrite.

  • Evidence clearly shows this was a staged fake hoax event perpetrated by top level government officials and actors in order to promote gun control.

    A crime was committed that needs investigation. The real crime is what our trusted officials committed on the American people. That crime was covered up by denying the public the facts surrounding the event. The event is one of many staged fake shootings that are destroying America. Wake up People!

  • Yes, just like it is respectful to say 9/11 was a hoax.

    Sandy hook didn't happen. Why did some kids that "died" sing at the superbowl? Sandy hook isn't even an operating school. Actors were hired. You were not there. You were not a witness. You can not prove it was not a hoax, but someone can prove it is. "I don't care if I offend someone by practicing my right to free speech, because it is not my fault."

  • Leave me alone.

    Why don't you answer my questions instead of spitting our Insults like a little kid. You know you've been proven wrong. You can't debunk my claims so you hide behind insults. Why were they circling around the fire house over and over? Why did they use a picture of lily Gaubert a GA girl as Allison Wyatt a victim from sandy hook and where are her parents? Why was a united way fund set up for the victims in the 11th? Why didn't they follow emergency protocol?. There's nothing wrong with asking simple questions that should have been answers a long time ago.

  • I don't really see the issue here.

    What's happened to free speech? There doesn't seem to be much of it around anymore. And honestly I don't see how this argument is disrespectful to the families and children. If anything if the theory is correct than I would think it would be respectful to the children for discovering who was really behind their deaths. I don't have an opinion on the theory itself so I think right or wrong it doesn't seem disrespectful.

  • No definitely not,

    Honestly, it made me mad to see that not only was she rude to the other users but she disrespected all of the injured and dead in that shooting. Nobody could make that kind of hoax at that magnitude without anyone knowing. Was 9/11 a hoax? Did 2 entire skyscrapers just get disassembled in a day without anyone knowing and then blamed on Al Queada? Was the Boston Bombing a prank that killed multiple people? Dilara said " I never wise that everything the government does is to opress me. They don't even know who I am. Sandy hook was a made up event to take away guns from everyone and raise money." I am a Marine and i think that this is complete bull, yes it was a gun related tragedy but it isn't leverage to get rid of guns, the Tea Party and NRA proved that if there was a law enforcement officer or a person with a weapon then it could have been averted. This was a ridiculous debate because one there is a lot of proof towards the tragedy and almost nil towards the chance of it being a hoax. Grow up Dilara.

  • Conspiracy Nutjobs never help those actually involved on such Disasters:

    Same goes for all such events like 911, dredging up nonsense for the sake of controversy and making a name for themselves have Conspiracy theory NutJobs in the Red as far as Morality/Ethics is concerned. It is evident that Ethics escapes such loonies notice.
    If they had real, substantiated, and verifiable evidence, instead of Fallacies built on scant, and insignificant evidence, then they should push their cases through the proper channels. The fact that the first place they push their nonsense is onto public media, demonstrates that they are only out to create public controversy and thus be total nuisances, not only to those who investigated these events, but sadly, to those who lost partners and loved ones in those tragedies. They really are Extremely Sick and Irresponsible Nutjobs.

  • It is insensitive.

    In the United States an individual has the right to free speech. I support this right. So I am going to freely say: it is disrespectful to claim that someone's murder is a hoax. They can say it all they want, but it is still disrespectful.

    One common issue with rape and child molestation is when the victim comes out and tries to tell people what happened, but the people they tell don't believe a word of it. That leaves the victim feeling even more helpless, alone, and unloved.

    A person can claim that Sandy Hook was just a hoax, but I do not recommend that action. It is insensitive.

  • No, it most certainly is not!

    While I don't claim that she shouldn't be allowed to make that argument, it most certainly is disrespectful. To attempt to make a hoax and mockery out of parents suffering is the height of dissrespect. While she may have every right to make these comments, that does not change the facts. They are dissrespectful.

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Dilara says2014-07-04T23:01:48.337
9/11 wasn't a hoax. There's no evidence that shows it was a hoax. There's evidence that shows sandy hook was a hoax. Also the Boston bombing wasn't a hoax but it was an operation done by multiple people and not just yeh two brothers. Learn about them than you can start stupid opinions.
Dilara says2014-07-04T23:04:48.377
Sagey you b@stard. There are reasons that show this was a hoax. It's not just a bunch of bull $hit you grabbed from up your @$$ like hmmm... The sandy hook official story. Get a life you sad old b@stard.
Dilara says2014-07-04T23:53:06.503
Regurgitator don't be a stupid b@stard. I'm not mocking anyone.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-05T06:05:23.293
Hey everyone I would like to apologize to you all. I was wrong to say those things towards dilara and I honestly regret them. I made a bad choice and regret it. I messaged her and we worked it out. If you have a problem still message me and I can help sort it out.