Is direct democracy now possible with technological advances such as Internet voting?

  • A question of Information and Control

    It is obvious that most citizens qualified to vote do not and that the US government is just fine with that. There appears to be at least be two fixable reasons for this phenomenon: 1) People mistrust government because their voice is not heard and the election process system is currently convoluted. 2) Government confuses issues in language.
    So, If you want people to get involved, make it easy to vote, make every voice heard, and clarify the language. Technology now has the ability to facilitate that.

  • Yes, that's an interesting premise.

    It is interesting to consider that we could now have a direct democracy because individual people can vote either in person or on line and be counted. However, there is still a lot of fraud that can happen when using a computer for any important business, so success is not guaranteed.

  • One Vote, One Voice

    A direct democracy is possible so long as there are viable ways to count each vote. Say there is an issue of national defense and America needs to go to war. Within 24 hours, all registered voters have a chance to vote with their smartphones on the issue. If a simple majority votes in favor of going to war, then we have a declaration against another country. Yes, a direct democracy is possible so long as there are guarantees all votes are to be counted properly.

  • It happens often

    Internet voting taking into account one or two questions happens all of the time all around the world with millions of people voting - why not for local or national elections? It is now easily possible today for a direct democracy to happen, and the only question is whether its a good idea.

  • A question of desirability

    Direct democracy could be implemented today - though, ironically, maybe the least likely by the government (after seeing the health care website). Direct democracy is very much possible today, though it may not be desirable due to the possibility of security problems, and of the lack of insight into issues by the general public.

  • No, any benefit from DD would still be lost or usurped by the controlling class.

    As if Direct Democracy would solve anything. The power is in information; and the same cunning would still be controlled by authorities out of the common man's site. Direct Democracy would seem to get more of the vote, but how would the query be stated? I'm thinking about the lotto and how it went digital. Seems like a control thing to me.

  • Direct democracy is not possible with technological advances such as Internet voting.

    Direct democracy will never be possible in a large state country such as the United States. People do not have the time worry about every decision a government makes every day. Our system of representative democracy works and there is no reason to change it. The framers of the constitution never intended for the country to adopt direct democracy.

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