• Everyone has a right to disagreement

    Disagreement is another kind of expression between freedom and privilege. Believe it or not a lot of people still don't have the ability to voice their own opinion on certain matters within their own culture. Living in America everyone has a right to an opinion and has a right to disagree and be heard.

  • Freedom is about Choice

    And with choice comes disagreement. The great thing about freedom and privilege is we can be ourselves and have the powers at be back us up. If people have the right to make their own decisions and opinions, then there will be disagreement. Not everyone thinks the same, and having the freedom to speak out will inevitably lead to disagreement.

  • Disagree with the government

    Yes, I do think that to disagree over something is a privilege that we have, that is one of the main parts of the freedoms that we have. I think that especially when the people disagree with the government, it is showing that we are free to show our opinions.

  • Disagreement is part of freedom and privilege

    Disagreement is part of freedom and privilege. Disagreement is what makes our country and many others unique and special. Every person has the right to agree or disagree alike. Whether or not one agrees, disagreeing is still part of freedom and privilege that we have in our country. Every person has the right to freedom of speech, and that is what makes our country unique, even when one disagrees.

  • Disagreement is a right for everyone.

    It is part of being an intelligent species that we disagree. There is no reason why everyone should agree on everything the same. That is why there are so many different religions and governments around the world. In order for it to only be a freedom and privilege then people of countries where they have no freedoms would never disagree and there would be no progress. If people did not disagree it would be a boring world.

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