Is discrimination against illegal aliens "Racist"?

Asked by: Vaulk
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  • Saying that it is racist would be assigning a singular race to a nationality of people...Which would be a stereotype.

    Too many times I'm brought back to the statement "Words mean things" and as insulting as it might sound...It's far too often needed as a response to the politically correct agenda in the United States. Saying that you don't want illegal aliens in your country is in fact "Discrimination against illegal aliens", there can be no doubt about it...But is it Racist? No. Race has absolutely nothing to do with your nationality, your immigration status, your ethnicity or your citizenship status. To say that Race is somehow tied into these things is a stereotype and, at a minimum, unfair to whoever you're talking about. People of the U.S., wake up, the issue of illegal aliens in our Country has nothing to do with race, who-so-ever painted that picture was making a push at firing up conflict among ourselves. This is a simple matter of who holds legal citizenship and who has committed a crime to get here and is therefor a standing criminal so long as they remain in the U.S. illegally.

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