Is discrimination an everyday occurrence in America?

  • Assassinate your character and reputation and harass you when going to the restroom for taking a Hepatitis Test.

    I took a hepatitis test and have been treated like I had the plaque ever since. Didn't have hepatitis, just took the test. That was over 10 years ago.
    People didn't want you using their restroom or congregate in Church around other people. In the last few months with new management taking over it was beginning to improve.

    Posted by: glr
  • Yes,discrimination is an everyday occurence in America.

    Yes,discrimination is an everyday occurrence in long as people are different there will be discrimination because people tend to think their own characteristics are superior.this is probably a type of self-preservation where people tend to only trust other p0eople like themselves instead of reaching out to those that are a little different.

  • Yes, discrimination still exists in America.

    Discrimination still exists in America; it is present even in ways we don't realize, and not just related to race. There is gender discrimination, discrimination against people who are of different economic ranges, and discrimination against people of different faiths or politician parties. Even people who feel they are open and accepting often have negative feelings toward at least one group mentioned above.

  • Yes, in certain populations.

    It is easy for white, middle class Americans to say there is no discrimination occurring. But those who are people of color or who are from a different culture or language know that they feel the slights of others that happen all the time even when there is no formal discrimination or a word spoken.

  • For The Most Part

    I do believe there is a lot of discrimination within the United States and I do believe it is probably an every day occurrence. We have a tendency to judge other people and I think this happens for a lot of people, especially within the United States. I think discrimination is something Americans have a serious problem with.

  • Discrimination Occurs Daily in US

    Unfortunately, discrimination occurs daily in the United States and every country in the world. Discrimination will never go away as long as human beings roam the Earth. It's a basic part of society because people discriminate against others they either don't understand or don't want to understand. It's the ultimate and unbeatable social issue.

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