• Whites Still Vote for Whites

    The 2012 presidential election brought forth a problem. Of the people who voted for Mitt Romney, 81 percent of them were white. That's a problem. Throughout Obama's first time, he had to deal with tons of people who felt he was doing things to undercut a white society when he stood up for those who are impoverished. Discrimination is alive and well.

  • Discrimination against African-Americans and other races

    Hello I am 13 years old, and my grandfather was killed by white people because he was black this upsets me so much. I want him back he died 5 weeks ago, and the white people are in jail now. The fact that discrimination is around, still bugs me today IT NEEDS TO STOP PEOPLE

  • Yes, extremely prevalent and definitely more prevalent in certain states in America, Ohio for example.

    I see it every day and racial discrimination is still very prevalent in a different way but, with the same impact. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen horrible gender discrimination to this day. There is a caste system in America in a different way than there was in India but, people discriminate based upon by favoring people who are more affluent or were born into more affluent families than those who were not. There is background discrimination and religious belief discrimination or favoritism. The bottom line is people are not brought up to view others as their brothers and sisters, like blood. If we were, no matter what was different about the other person, we would all still be family, the human race family. It may not stop but, would probably diminish. We need to be individuals, yes, but...As a whole or as one.

  • Why hate on others?

    Discrimination is a big problem there are people in this world that are still racist. Making fun of people that are of different races. Not knowing how hard it has been for those people. What they've been through all the taunting and the criticism. They should really stop. It's not funny but serious.

  • Yes, it's still around.

    Discrimination and hatred towards another race is still around today, sadly. Around the world, and still here, even in America. It's gotten better in a lot of ways, but it's still not to the point where we can just easily sit down together at a lunch table and not even think about someone being different from us.

  • Separate but Equal; Or is it?

    From the time of the 1800's to the common everyday America, people across the globe experience discrimination. This is a form of thought, that either one is better then the other; or that one just simply does not fit the standards. This is a cruel and harmful way of thinking. There are constant violent, verbal or physical, forms of discrimination taking place as we speak. If it is because a person is of a certain race, religion, or gender, it is illegal and unjust to act in this manor. Overall, a person is a person; and like the famous man said "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Find someone else to pick on, there is no reason.

  • Discrimination is as Common Now as Ever Before

    Here in America, discrimination is just as common now as ever before, just in different ways. Although racism has been heavily suppressed, discrimination against religion, social status, and age is just as common as ever. Social status and religious discrimination are often recognized as bad, but age discrimination, or agism, is almost invisible to society, it seems. The worst part about agism is that, like race, age cannot be changed at all, and is something that one is stuck with. There are many older people who are refused medical treatment just because of advanced age, and there are many younger individuals that do not get the same human rights just because the "dominate age group" refuses to let them have them. I believe all humans shroud be treated equal, regardless of age, race, gender, social status, religion, or ethnicity.

  • It Most Certainly Is!

    Discrimination is widespread in America and all over the world, even today. Simply take a look at the median income of middle-class white v. Black families; or the incarceration rates of whites v. Blacks, additionally check out the percentage of judges who are white; take some time to look at the differences in educational attainment; explore the representative percentages of white v. Black at socially 'high-performance' jobs (e.G., doctors, lawyers, professors), what about the percentage in law enforcement? The point is--the numbers exist and they are unequivocally significantly significant. One must only search to see.


    Many people may say, "no, discrimination isn't a problem in today's society". I strongly disagree. Yes, the rate has gone down extremely, but I still see various religions getting hate for something they weren't even apart of. Lets take the Muslims around the word for example. Now one of my best friends is Muslim, and they're very nice people. Why do others hate on them? Because of something ONE person did. Osama Bin Laden was an individual that caused 9/11. Imagine if he were Christian, Chinese, any other religion? Would this be treated the same way? Would you all hate on the other religion too? What if people were calling you a terrorist down every corner? DISCRIMINATING you as you mind your own business? I for one know no one would like that, and my friend goes through this everyday. Muslims are people too. Don't judge a person by their race, judge them by their actions, judge them by the type of person they are despite what they chose to believe in.

  • Is there discrimination today?

    Discrimination in today's world is still alive. People who say there isn't just choose not to notice. Discrimination come in all forms it is not just racism anymore. It may not be the same as it was before, but it still exists. People go through discrimination everyday, but they might not make a big deal about cause they may not think about it but that does not change that it is wrong. Before discrimination had to do with the hurting of others due to their race, and etc., while today people are discriminated by being excluded from organizations, groups, and etc., causing not physical hurt but emotional which leads to the physical harm of a persons self. There are still some cases in certain areas where people are still being discriminated in a physical way, and this has got to STOP! Its been many years and if we have been able to advance our world and technology we should be able to advance and improve ourselves. We are not born with discrimination in us but we are taught it overtime by society. WE as a society need to teach our children not to discriminate people and to not care about their outside appearance but their personality.

  • Obama still won!

    Obama had become the first black president and has been winning the elections ever since. Racism and discrimination doesn't exist In America. There are so many interracial weddings still held today in the US. I would strongly disagree if someone said there is racism in America today. Even if there is, it is a lot less.

  • Restaurants Treat you wrong

    Technology we should be able to advance and improve ourselves. We are not born with discrimination in us but we are taught it overtime by society. WE as a society need to teach our children not to discriminate people and to not care about their outside appearance but their personality.

  • Nope-etty nope dope

    There is no such a thing as discrimination; only acts of proving of racial supremacy. The ones being "discriminated against" are at disadvantage because of something about them, and it may not be their fault. But all is fair in this world, and refusing to take an eye for an eye is the basis on oppression.

  • I have met more black people that hate white people than the other way around...

    I have lived in several states and I spent over 10 years socializing with a black friend and many of her black friends in LA. I have never heard so many hateful comments about another race in my entire life than when I was surrounding by these women. I also listened to many conversations on how to use the system to their advantage simply because of the color of their skin. So I do believe their is racism but It is coming more from blacks hating whites now. It is very sad that in this day and age a murderous man like OJ was acquitted for no other reason that he was married to a white women and the predominant black woman jury did not like that. I have friends of all colors and all nationalities but behind the scenes and behind white peoples faces the hatred for us coming from many people of color is scary and sad.

  • Is discrimination alive? Yes. Is it a problem? Not really

    Yeah people are pretty judgemental, but discrimination isn't so common anymore, at least not in most parts of North America. There are many women who get paid more than men now, and black people aren't really discriminated against anymore because media has emphasized African-Americans' equality and rights. And most people now are very supportive of LGBTs though they may not know it. And as for wars and political conflicts, discrimination isn't so much the cause as a difference in opinion and belief. Discrimination still exists, but it has died down a bit over the years (or perhaps decades). What's more common is people being judgmental and prejudice (and if you say that's the same as discrimination then I guess I'm wrong but not many people bully people based their race or sex), and that's just the outcome of people having opinions and biases, which is just human nature.

  • JEsus was black

    There iz no wayz there iz discriminationz anymore cuz jesus was black and possibly a women. YAY BLACK SUPREMACY. LGBT FOR LIFE. DYKE LIFE. GAY LIFE. MAN/Women LIfe, 420 SMOKE WEED BLAZE IT HARDCORE LEGALIZE IT FEEL THE BERN. GO TRUMP GO TRUMP MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN AND BLACK YAY

  • People get offending over everything/anything

    It's not my fault if somebody thinks that because Darth Vader wears a black suit and doesn't take responsibility and ownership for his children but then when he takes off his helmet and accepts his children he is white. People make these arguments because the people asking the question of is racism alive twist anything they can into a racist innuendo. There is no racism. I've learned for instance people who don't necessarily like black people (not all blacks either) are distrustful because of things that black people did to them over extended periods. Been the same way towards me black people are racist more than white if you're going to say that anybody is

  • Black People are bae

    I'm white and im not racist nso tht meenz pr0bl£m solved oh and i suppose i kinda need mor words to fill out my amazing argument so that means im gonna ramble and just clarify that im not racist so im a g00d person so gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 m8 no h8

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