Is Dish Network in effect censoring conservative news by blocking Fox News?

  • Love Fox News

    I will move my dollars with Fox so if Dish decides to drop Fox, Dish and all you Dumb-o-crats can stuff it. There are plenty of us "don't tread on me" Americans who like an open forum and dialog over fake news brainwashing so we will seek our real news wherever it goes. After all we like to hear how President Trump is cleaning out the swamp!

  • Yes, Flocking Fox is censorship

    There is no logic in blocking a view point of news. To not agree with something is one thing, but to deny some people access to their news because of this disagreement should be illegal. By removing or restricting access to Fox does not silence the voice, in fact it will probably make Fox that much stronger.

  • They're not censoring news.

    There's no actual news on that channel. To suggest otherwise is quite simply, just foolishness. How much more obvious would it need to be to show they are nothing more than the propaganda outlet of the republican party? Nothing more, nothing less. If you aren't already aware of that fact, not much anyone can say to you.

  • It's their choice.

    Net neutrality is a very misunderstood concept. The internet providers and cable companies have to be able to prioritize content. If more people want certain content, they should be able to tell the other content that they are not necessary. This is not being prejudiced, this is good business for the providers.

  • Dish Network is not intentially censoring conservative news by blocking Fox News.

    Dish Network is just trying to do business they way they want to do business. I do not believe that they are intentionally trying to censor conservative news by blocking Fox News. I do not believe that Dish Network has any agenda concerning Fox News because this type of stand off has happened between Dish and other networks in the past.

  • No, dish no work is not censoring news.

    No, dish no work is not censoring news. These types of arguments happen between television networks and cable or satellite providers all the time. They take their contract disputes to the public, pleading for customers to call the other party and demand that the station be removed or that the cable company negotiating good faith. It doesn't matter whether the station is Fox news, MSNBC, ESPN, or anything in between. These negotiations always work the same way.

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