Is Disney acquiring Star Wars a good thing for the franchise?

Asked by: TheBathead
  • It's good for the franchise even if it sucks for the rest of us.

    This is undoubtedly a good move for the franchise even if it is a bad thing for the fans. The movies will probably be lower quality than the orginal trilogy, and the fact that the Expanded Universe is now non-canonical is unfortunate. But for the franchise 3 new movies and a deal with Disney is nothing but good news. No matter your opinion of the making of a new film, if you're a star wars fan you're going to see it so they will make money, I know I am going and I'm sure it's going to bomb. Even if the 7th bombs (in quality not in profit) I'll see the 8th and 9th because it's star wars, you cant simply ignore it. If the movie is good than thats all the better for the franchise, but either way this is going to make money. Disney is going to make this profitable no matter how good the movies with the films themselves and all of the new Star Wars crap they can sell to kids if kids get into it like kids did. The franchise is going to make a crapload of money, so good for them in the end I'd say. Hopefully number 7 is better than 1 and 2, but I have little faith.

  • DUH! Heres why:

    For those of you who are about to say: Oh, but there gonna make it into a musical! I'm gonna stop you right there.
    First off, Disney is one of THE most succsesful movie makers of all time.
    Second off, JJ Abrams is directing... Nuff said.
    Ok fine... For those of you who don't know, Abrams directed Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)
    They where awsome. Star Trek (2009) got a 95% on Rotton Tomatoes and Into darkness got an 87%
    He wasn't even a FAN of Star Trek when he was growing up. He WAS however a fan of Star WARS.
    I'll let sink in.
    And the EU isn't being trashed, it's simply just non-canon. It is now labeled as Star Wars Legends.

  • Yes, they are adding new money to the 'mix'.

    Disney has not replaced any of the 'regulars' that were committed to the other two trilogies. Plus, they added director J. J. Abrams, one of the best in the science fiction industry (hello, Star Trek?) . More money means better special effects, casting, advertising, props, and basically everything. This is coming from a devout Disney-hater.

  • I have a bad feeling about this.

    Not that I don't think that with everything new revealed, the new film seems more likely to revive the franchise. No, it's something elsewhere, elusive. Actually, two things:

    First off, every major American fiction creator that has been bought out recently, has been done so by Disney. This may not be a bad thing, as the recent Marvel movies have shown, but it does lead to monopoly, and by a company known for being strict about copyright.

    Second thing, Star Wars is the only Western media franchise to officially recognize fan works, and there's only one other in the world, the Japanese Touhou Project. Now, fan works aren't always a good thing: one only need look at the vast amounts of horrible Sonic and MLP fan work. But the difference is that Sonic and MLP's creators, while they may tolerate fan work, don't quite appreciate it. From Star Wars and Touhou you have excellent fan works like Darth Plagueis and Touhouvania 2. Yes, there are the bad or satirical ones (Darths and Droids, Marisa Stole the Precious Thing) but elsewhere, the good ones are practically nonexistent (or cracked down on legally like Crimson Echoes and Super Mario Bros X).

    Of course, there's the question of whether fan work is even important. One point against it is that it confuses the timeline. However, George Lucas managed to make all fan authors he recognized follow a common timeline (better than ZUN who didn't create a hard and fast timeline at all). Another point is that the characters are the creator's children and the settings their artifacts and both belong to them. However, if adoptive parents care about their adopted child, that child can grow up healthy and strong, to extend the analogy.

    But now with Disney's announcement discarding the expanded universe, that's all over. The vast galaxy of Star Wars fan content has been banished to the void of non-canonicity. Then again, that's no better than Touhou, but only time will tell if Disney will ban all new fan content. The more Disney tightens their grip, the more fans will leave the franchise, but it's not clear if Disney knows that and I'd say that them doing that isn't out of the question. But with Touhou, ZUN appears unlikely to stop his project or sell the franchise, so I'm pretty sure we'll always have Touhou. :D

    Bonus points to whoever finds all the references in my post!

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Juan_Pablo says2014-05-10T08:35:20.783
Star Wars and Disney--I think it's an excellent idea!
TheBathead says2014-05-10T11:04:02.753
Juan_Pablo, are you up to making an argument as to why? The argument posted in favor is pretty cynical.
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-10T11:06:48.447
Well, I'm a big fan of Disney Entertainment and the Star Wars franchise. That's why I think it's an excellent idea. I'll try to post a more thorough explanation a little later thought.
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-10T11:07:38.460