• Not what Walt envisioned...

    There are many practices Walt Disney began that are still used today, primarily those trying to provide entertainment for families. However, the message of many of the newer Disney programs and some of their park polices are not in line with Walt's original vision. Too much sarcasm and disrespect toward parents and treating adults like incompetents and that kids are smarter just to name a few. Corrupt may be too strong a word, but the attitude today at Disney is definitely more anti traditional family values/views than in the beginning.

  • 4 Disney Movie Villains Who were Right All Along

    It explains enough in the video Cracked: After hours made. It explains how some of the "good guys"( no ethnic in anyway) were correct. And how the "bad guys"( vaguely ethnic) were wrong. When in reality ex. Ursula said everything comes at a price. Now you decide what you think.

  • Sadly, it is,

    Due to countless years of manipulation towards the people and abuse of powers and monetary access, Disney has brainwashed hundreds of millions, possibly billions, into thinking that their movies and plastic theme parks are the keys to happiness in children. Draining their victims of as much money as possible, preventing anyone else from knowing the truth, and keeping everything just as secretive and heavily guarded than the white house.

  • Absultly it's corupt

    I believe Disney has been corrupted for years. Would hope that saying this may help. Them. Realize that they are corrupting our kids.And stop showing evil stuff on there programs and the new movie coming out beauty the beast is just one more of the reasons we need to let people know

  • Disney is the definition of corrupt

    I've personally witnessed many instances of sexual subliminal messaging in Disney's movies. I used to watch them when I was younger and this is the reason I felt the strange feelings I did when I was that young. Someone said on here "not what Walt envisioned", well he was equally corrupt if not more, he was pro nazi as well.


  • Yes it is

    Disney is a children's entertainment corporation that is surprisingly popular with older audiences. Though I've stopped watching Disney movies a long time ago I haven't decided to discard my old collection. These are a memory of my childhood. But Disney today is corrupt and greedy like almost every other American company from Apple to Coca Cola. No corporation is free from corruption or greed.

  • Disney has been

    Going on for decades now, and with the current view on health and safety and 'protecting the young', I think that if there was anything corrupt about it, there would be a lot more attention drawn to it.
    Besides, Disney is made for children and parents aren't going to let their kids watch anything too 'bad', so what would they gain from becoming 'corrupt'?

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