• Disney Is Corrupted!

    Disney never makes anything new, its basically the same story, or stories, repeated over and over and over again. All shows are targeting older and older people, and kids under 10 have nothing to watch! All the new shows are about dating or have something inappropriate in them. Could you believe that Disney was ever "not corrupt"

  • I agree Disney is corrupted.

    Disney is a very very successful business, some of Disney is amazing and some isn't. For example the virtual world Club Penguin was once owned by RocketSnail also known as Rsnail. Disney wanted to get its hands on Club Penguin so Rsnail sold Club Penguin to Disney in 2007. After just one or two years, players of Club Penguin were not happy at all with Disney's actions. Disney changed Club Penguin A LOT, deleting one of the favourite emotes the "skull" adding the stage and turning a secret area in the mountains into a Dojo where penguin ninjas train. This all happened just in 2008 and lots of players were extremely distressed. Nevertheless, after another few years word filters were added so if you said something like "the blue cheese really stank" It wouldn't show. Later into 2011/2012 Disney brought in events such as "Shake It Up!" "Star Wars!" "Teen Beach Movie" Before Disney owned Club Penguin fun summer parties were held but in 2013 the summer parties were replaced with the Teen Beach Movie party in August. At the start of 2013 Disney changed the illustration of penguins which shocked players and changed the design of lots of places in Club penguin.

  • It's just a cash scamming monopoly

    Buying up everything eg marvel, pixar, star wars instead of innovating. Ripping of customers wuth their overpriced park tickets and retail shops. Failing to update or replace decade old rides. Ripping off brothers Gimm stories. Sending bad messages to kids like 'wishing upon a star to get what you want' ect. Disney is now a rampant reminder of capitalism at its worse. They are just an archaic company out to scam and dime relatives of children of money.

  • Exactly what Blueeyed_masterpiece said

    Disney is losing its' value. No longer is it teaching life lessons, but it's teaching how to judge people and treat them with disrespect. Lost my attention years ago, and this may come off as rude and close minded, but after I heard about the Gay couple surfacing on "Good luck Charlie" it completely lost my attention. Gay is wrong, and the fact that they're showing it's okay, shows how much they want attention and how warped their view is. I'm not a homophobe btw.

  • Disney is horrible

    First, the general TV channel of Disney: In nearly ever show they make, they attempt to make the viewers laugh by judging characters. Okay, so in adult shows, it can be quite different, but children are in a stage of learning life lessons, and the TV they watch can alter their perception. The thing is, Disney jokes about looks, and other characteristics so much, and although most children know it is just a joke, they do not realize that if they use this in REAL life, how much damage it causes.
    Second, the collage located on Disney and by Disney, and Disney World: There has been so many rapes and muggings there, and yes, it is a great spot for guilty individuals to find their prey, but the workers do not help them.
    There was a story on how a girl who attended their collage got raped. She went to a counselor that DISNEY provided and the therapist told her it was her fault.
    Then, she asked where she can report a rape, and they didn't know. Not only that, but nearly every single person on that campus that WORKED there, said it was her fault.
    Is Disney REALLY innocent? No.

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