• Yes They Are

    How many minority characters can you name from Disney without looking it up. I bet it is not much and you can count them on one hand. I also know that the ones you named have stereotypes attached to the,. That's because Disney is racist and has been for a few decades. I do not have a clue why they have not been called out yet. It is disgusting.

  • Yes they are racist

    Well have you ever seen a Latina princess. All their is white princess. That's awful. How long has Disney princesses been here . Along time and no Latina princess.That's racist. Latina people want a role model to someone to look up to. Why not their own race. Girls need someone to look up to

  • Frozen: impossible genetics.

    Anna is a red head while Elsa is a blonde? Their parents both have brown hair. Now you tell me, how does that work?

    Extra question: Star wars VS Frozen.
    True star wars fans, like me, know that star wars would win in an instant. Whats a little ice to a Admiral Thrawn's fleet or a Zillo beast? THEY WOULD BURN ARRENDALE TO THE GROUND.

  • Overlooked Non-White Princesses

    Has anyone ever wanted to be Mulan for Halloween? How many costumes can you find under her name? What about Cinderella? Ask any little girl for their favorite princess. What are the chances of the princess being Pocahontas? Compare the budget for Tangled and The Princess and the Frog. And what about Aladdin's skin tone change? Has anyone noticed that? Look it up. Defend that Disney is not racist, but which characters are portrayed as being more beautiful, more delicate, and more importantly, sweeter?

    White princesses are favored by Disney budget-wise and product-wise. Everyone knows of the Disney princess posters. Just how many times have Tiana, Mulan, and Pocahontas been excluded when Elsa, the newest addition, has been included? Not only are most Disney characters white, the ones who are not are portrayed with heavy stereotypes.

  • Obviously it's racism

    Has there ever been a Hispanic Disney Princess? Yes there have been all other minority Disney Princesses, but why hasn't there been a princess based on the largest growing minority group in America. Disney publicly denied that "Sophia", from the television show "Sophia The First", was of Hispanic descent. Now tell me that Disney is not racist.

  • Stereotypical Marketing and racism

    Disney is stereotypical to racism in many films such as the princess and the frog , all the white princesses have a white prince , why doesn't Tiania have a black prince ? Even Walt himself had a problem with so called 'Negros' . Ever heard of the Disney valentines candy Double 'N' Dip , Tianias flavor stereotypically ( black slavery ) is watermelon whilst the white princess sleeping beauty's is vanilla .

  • Of course Disney is racist - just look at Disney on Ice

    The cast of each show is 99-100% white regardless of the characters. If there is a nonwhite person in a cast, It will be limited to one, Maybe two people. But most of the casts are 100% white.
    They hire white skaters with marginal talent while ignoring skaters of color with much more talent. The most important thing for Disney on Ice is to be white, Preferably blonde/blue eyed.

  • Unbelievably racist Even after Walt Disney Died

    In one of their older cartoons Mickey Mouse Puts on A black face to play as uncle tom, In the original version of The three little piggies The wolf dressed as a Jewish peddler and it is so unbelievable that this stereotype of Jews exist to this day having long noses money hogging greedy and the accents we do not talk or look like that and we are not money hogging we are just better managers with it.

  • In some movies, yes, some, not so much

    Some people are overreacting on Disney's racism, but sometimes, they're very offensive.

    Like how people say Aladdin is racist because Aladdin has lighter skin than Jafar. Same with protagonists. Do all protagonists need to be non-white and all villains be white? Because then people would start ranting about how Disney's racist to Caucasians. But this whole Jafar thing often overshadows the fact that Arabian Nights originally had a racist like "where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face" talking about the Middle East, which was replaced with "where it's flat and immense and the heat is intense" after Arab-Americans were offended. Not overly sensitive white people, but actual Arab-Americans. And that's prejudiced, not racist, just to be clear.

    And King Louie (voiced by ITALIAN jazz singer Louis Prima) isn't supposed to be racist towards blacks. The voice actor was singing in his regular voice. If you associate apes and that accent with black people, then YOU'RE the racist one.

    Don't even get me started on how NOT racist "Song of the South" is.

    There are some characters that're actually offensive. The Siamese Cats from "Lady and the Tramp" were already creepy, but Disney just HAD to go make them prejudiced and possibly racist against Asian immigrants. Prejudice: They have slanted eyes, exaggerated accents, and buck teeth, representing some Asian stereotypes. (Possible) Racism: If you look at the lyrics of the song, it MAY be a metaphor for how Asian immigrants shouldn't be trusted, and how they'll be "looking over their new domicile" and how they'll wreak havoc all over America. This is just a POSSIBILITY, but the movie was drafted during WWII, which didn't exactly build trust between the USA and Asia. So it's a big possibility.

    And then, in Aristocats, we see another Siamese cat. Disney, what is it with you and Siamese cats? There's the band of all different nationalities. None of them are really that bad, but enough to tell which country they're from... Except the Siamese cat. It's as if someone said "Hey guys! What if we took every Asian stereotype and combined them into ONE CAT?!?!" Well, except the super smart stereotype, because they made him seem pretty dumb. Prejudice: He slams a cymbal on his head and it looks like a stereotypical Chinese hat, has broken English, buck teeth, slanted eyes, plays the piano with chopsticks, and his only two lines are: "Shang Hai, Hong Kong, egg foo yong. Fortune cookie always wrong."

    There was a scene in Fantasia featuring glowing white centaurs being served by Sunflower, the black, filthy, slave centaur. This was deleted in remastered versions.

    Peter Pan... You have to see the song "What Makes the Red Man Red?" for yourself. It's terrible.

    Sometimes, people overreact, which overshadows the actual racist parts. There were a few in both categories that I didn't mention, so if you're screaming "YOU DIDN'T MENTION DUMBO!!!" or whatever movie, just know I'm aware. But, please, think before you accuse. Thank you.

  • They are sorta...

    I mean, when you look at the publicity and the commercializing of Disney's most prominent princesses, they are all white. Book bags, lunch boxes, shirts, etc. Princesses like Tiana, Jasmine, and Mulan are excluded from, not all, but most of these products. Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna, and Merida are included in a lot of the commercialization and they all came out after all of Disney's princesses of color. Now, we can't say that this is intentional, but given the state of race problems in modern day America, it sure does look that way...

  • Disney is NOT RACIST

    Disney is not racist. People believe that it is but they are wrong! People think this because many princesses look "white"
    Most of the princesses look white because of the location of the origin of the story. Many of the movies are located in Germany or Paris. Its all in where the story is originated from!

  • No, Disney is not racist

    In the past, some can say that they have portrayed certain cultures stereotypically, but that was back in a time when everyone in society was racist, so it is only expected that their movies would be that way as well. Nowadays we can see that Disney has represented some beautiful cultures, such as Arabia, China, Africa, etc. And they always do extensive research on the culture they are representing so that it doesn't come out looking to stereotypical or negative. What's more, Disney has more non-white characters than any other animation company. All the rest have little to none, so I don't understand why Disney is the one being called racist when it has the most culturally diverse cast of all the big animation companies.

    One thing I've noticed about the haters when it comes to this topic is that they almost always use numbers in their argument. "9/13 Disney Princesses are white," "Disney has more white characters," etc. On the surface, it seems like a valid argument, really, what do these numbers say? Not much. This isn't math class, it's not about the number of white characters vs the number of non-white characters. It's about the treatment of white char steers vs the treatment of non-white characters. When you look at the Disney Princess lineup, yes, there are more white princesses, but non of them is shown to be above or below the other simply because of their race. Characters like Jasmine and Tiana get the same respect, glamour, and Princess treatment as characters such as Ariel and Rapunzel. The Princess and the Frog was marketed with the same hype as they are now given to Frozen. Furthermore, none of the modern non-white characters are shown to be inferior or incapable of doing things because of their race. The non-white characters are just as brave, clever, relatable, kind and determined as the white characters are. The fact that there are less of them in number does not make the company is racist. The only things that the number say is that Disney should branch out a little more--and I encourage that. However, using numbers is not a sufficient reason to accuse a company of being racist when they are doing so much to NOT be racist...And are doing it more than most other animation companies. I think that people need to step back and look at how far Disney has come, and perhaps they need to rethink what representation actually means.

  • Of course they are not racist.

    How could anyone ask or accuse disney of being racist? How many parents are out there refusing to allow their child form watching any movi produced by disney? They are all for family and for children and a whole company can not be racist it is just impossible for that to happen.

  • No, and conspiracy theories are not good topics of debate.

    How can one prove that an entire company is racist simply due to its output? You might be able to prove that one person is racist in such a way, but not an entire company. Trying to do so borders on conspiracy theories and the like. The evidence is not grounded in reality and cannot safely, or rationally be used to prove anything of any consequence.

  • Disney Is Not Racist

    Disney has never been against any 'colors' There may be color differences between characters, but that is made on purpose because the characters need to be different in some way. It also belongs to the characters personalities and the location of the story. It is in no way racist at all.

  • Not at All

    Yes, in the past they had some racist content but like most people, they evolved and learned. Not to mention, their movies take place everywhere. They have been in China, Ireland, Russia and may other places. And if they were racist, do you really think they would have made an African American princess become apart of their Disney Princess line?

  • Disney is NOT racist at all!

    People need to really stop playing the race card in everything...Now they are playing it in Disney.
    The Walt Disney Company was kind enough to give us Jasmine, Pocahonatas, Esmeralda, Mulan, Tiana, Naveen, Shang, and so on...Disney is full of Disney princes, princesses, heroes, heroines and side characters of multiple backgrounds and ethnicities/nationalities...Now you tell me how on Earth is that racist...If that were the case they wouldn't be known worldwide as a family friendly company...I'm a die hard Disney fan and I'm African American...So what if the majority of Disney characters are Caucasian....I still love it, my favorite Disney princess is Caucasian and that's Belle from Beauty and the Beast. You really cannot call them racist because of a few racist employees here and there. Otherwise characters such as the ones that I've listed above would NEVER exist period.

  • Not this again

    No! Disney is NOT RACIST! I'm fed up with hearing the racist card being used just because there are more whites on TV. I have seen these films which only show black actors or if there are any, they are made out to be violent or stupid, but do we scream 'That's racist'? No. Go away and think of another way to show how racist the whites are. Pathetic!

  • Jfc people chill out

    Disney's much older movies could be portrayed as racist, dark, or violent, but when you take in the ignored points, it will come to mind that they aren't as terrible as you think.

    Let's start off with this; They were based off of age-old books, which were incredibly racist around the time they were written. Just like they were much more violent, like in the original Tangled (Rapunzel)
    Flynn falls out of the tower and thorn bushes are stabbed into his eyes, shifting him blind. He is left stranded and wandering the desert, until he finds Rapunzel once again and she heals him.
    They remove this because it's to dark for children to see. They remove some of the racist features, yes, but if they removed all of the violence or race, it would no longer be the true movie.

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