• It's a rip off no doubt

    Disney is trying to rip us off and here is why. First of all, Disney movies can only be watched on Disney+ which is $5 a month plus extra fees to watch the latest. 2nd, Disney Movie Artemis Fowl should be on REDBOX by now but it isn't so that's evidence. Finally, If Mulan is not available on demand or in REDBOX in 70 days, I'll just add that to my claim.

  • Its the new pay to watch

    All the new movies and shows are going to be exclusive to Disney plus. You are going to have to wait months and years before see it on other platforms if they even let it go.
    You might say fine I can wait a few months to rent the movie or wait and buy the DVD. Then you find out that the new avengers and marvel shows are on Disney plus and exclusive.

    I would be fine paying a subscription but every dollar that Disney makes they will only gobble up other movie studios and companies and buy out the competition. And they treat their staff like expendable trash.

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