• One of the last good shows

    Everyone is so quick to shit on the show cause they wanna be like 'oh my god new disney shows suck I want the old ones back!!" Give the show a decent chance. It's actually hilarious and great to watch. Yeah it's not really a realistic concept, but it's worth the time.

  • Well it doesn't follow the norm of Disney channel shows of today

    Its a show about a spy, for once Disney Channel did something different that just having, for many years each Disney Channel show had the same concept, a boy or girl with a bunch of their friends enter high school for the first time and one of them in the group (most likely the main character) is trying to get their big break through into stardom of being a famous pop singer and dancer. Its nice to see a change that Disney channel isn't trying to push the whole "the main character needs to be a singer and dancer or else their life calling is for nothing"

  • A Good Show

    Ok let me start off by saying the Disney Channel audience is supposed to be tweens and up.
    KC Undercover is firstoff relatable.
    1. Ernie: Sometimes we feel rejected. Like other people are more appreciated than we are. This is something we all face. We all feel hurt by our loved ones, and sometimes even the ones we dont love. Sometimes we hide our pain.
    2. KC: KC is like the oppisite of Ernie. She gets pressured so much. In the first episode, she didnt even want to be a spy. Some of us feel these high expectations. Like we cant do it. Its th encouragement the parents gave that made me fall in love with the show

  • KC Undercover- more like KC Motherfucker

    I really fucking hate KC Undercover. KC is a rude, egocentric twat who thinks it’s OK to act like she is better than everyone else and bully people who aren’t as popular as she is. Almost every character on this piece of fucking dogshit is an asshole- the worst being a tie between KC and Judy. Let’s not forget that the show ripped off of Kim Possible and openly portrays black people as urban and impudent. It’s so fucking racist that I call it “Tyler Perry’s Kim Possible”. People say this is the best show on Disney Channel. Lmao fuck no bitch this show sucks harder dicks than Kim Kardashian. There are so many much better sitcoms on Disney Channel than this piece of bullshit- Austin and Ally, Good Luck Charlie, Andi Mack, Raven’s Home, like fuck even Stuck in the Middle is better than KC a Undercover. Zendaya, you’re a talented actress and singer and a great person- this worthless trash is beneath you. If you like the show, that’s fine, but for me, I would rather drink snake venom and be strapped to a chair in the pits of hell.

  • I hate it

    It really isn't entertaining. Most of the jokes are meaningless and stupid. Most of the time they don't even make sense, and the laughing tracks make it even worse. Even when nothing actually funny happens they play it. It makes it even worse that the jokes they make clearly are nothing to laugh about..

  • Looks stupid to me.

    Contrived silliness, nothing more. This is one of the horde of cheap-to-make shows that the producers will hope draw an audience to watch the commercials.

    Save yourselves - live your lives without such crap. Consign such shows to the trash heap where they belong, and consider yourselves lucky to have avoided such.

  • This show is awful

    None of the new Disney movies or shows are good. The new Disney doesn't have any real magic in it, I want for every time I see a new Disney movie for it to become my favourite movie and for me to want to see it over and over again. This show just doesn't do that for me.

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