• Disney's performance is good when the economy is good

    Studies show that parents are more likely to spend money on vacations, toys, movies, and other types of activities for their children and families when the economy is strong. This is Disney's demographic. There is an abundance of new high-tech movies coming out and the company investing money into its theme parks. Disney stock performing well can only in an indication of a strong, growing economy.

  • No, it is based on the performance of more affluent families.

    No, I don't think Disney's performance is a valid gauge of the condition of our economy. I think we are seeing more affluent people at or near the top of the spectrum. These people are more willing to spend. I think what we are seeing are more affluent families who are more confident about spending money than they were 2 or 3 years ago.

  • Disney and the economy

    No I do not think that Disneys performance is any indication of the gauge of the economy. They are two totally different things and one does not go in hand with the other. Many people are in poverty and still can afford to go on a vacation like to Disney.

  • Disney cannot guage the economy.

    I have read that Disney attendance and money spent is an indicator of the economic state, well if that isn't a joke, nothing is. People who clearly do not have enough money to go to Disney, go to Disney. You cannot guage anything as I have heard so many stories of families not paying their mortgage to take the trip.

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