• Lack of diversity is a kiss of death for a business.

    Yes, I think diversity is extremely good for business. I think any business that sticks to one product or one service has done nothing but limit itself and will eventually stagnate if it doesn't introduce new products. At some point, the consumer market will either become saturated, or bored with the business that relies on one success. The key is research and diversity.

  • Diversity Promotes Stability Through Flexibility

    The old business community thought that there was one way to be successful in business. There are many. And stability comes when you have an understanding of the greater milieu. The best way to do this is through promoting a diverse work force, both management and staff. This will provide a diversity of embodied institutional knowledge that allows for flexibility when changes come in the future.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe diversity can be good for business. Of course there are many types of diversity. A business could have diversity in their employees. I think this is generally a good idea, but diversity could also mean a variety of products. Again, this can make a big different to businesses as well.

  • Change it up

    Diversity is one of the best things that you can do in your business. The main reason for this is the diverse opinions and mindsets that you get in your business that can help you along the way. You get different perspectives and people that have come from different backgrounds. It also helps you in the public eye by showing that you are above discrimination.

  • It doesn't help businesses significantly outside of PR.

    The only rational reason a business would want to diversify their workforce is to mitigate criticism from liberals and minorities, though they shouldn't have to do this in the first place. The idea that having a more "diverse" set of employees is better because you then have a "diverse" set of thinkers who can contribute their "diverse" set of ideas is a moot point. Business, finance and economics are one culture. You go to India, they run their businesses like the West do. You go to China, they do the same thing. Capitalism is a single identifiable culture that is found in pure unadulterated form in every ethnic culture, and the cultures that differ from Western capitalism are probably still making mud huts and drilling holes in the heads of their diseased people.

    In essence, saying that a team of employees consisting of an Asian, an African American, an Indian, a Hispanic and a Caucasian can somehow be more innovative than an all-White team is stupid, because these people have all learned the craft of business or marketing or economics or what-have-you through the same education system. Just because they are a different race and come from a different "culture" doesn't change the fact that they think "business" the same way.

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