Is diversity necessary in high school yearbooks?

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  • Diversity is unnecessary

    I don't see the need for diversity in a school yearbook. There is no point if diversity is required in a school yearbook for a school in a highly populated area of a single race and only a little of others. Even though it might look as if it was racist, it is not because it is just simply a yearbook, there is no insult to any race.

  • Is Diversity Necessary

    I am a member of a high school yearbook staff where I was told my spread was not up to the standards the editors wanted. "There are too many white people on this spread. You have to redo the page.", said my editor. I live in a highly populated white area. My school is 89% white, however I had to redo my spread (yearbook page), because my spread was not diverse. I understand that a few decades ago, that rule might have made more sense, but really... So I will go up to a black person and be like "Hi do you mind if I take a photo of you and interview you for yearbook?" "why?" they may ask, "oh it's because you're black and I need diversity on my spread." Really? It's just amazing how we try so hard to be anti-racist that we all end up being racist.

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