Is diversity, whether ethnic or cultural, benificial?

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  • Diversity is (not) a strength

    Why have all conflicts started throughout history? From civil wars to genocides and also to a more positive end: a nonviolent repartitioning of peoples, the reason is the same. The answer is because people hate that which threatens what they love. If two races have completely different values and tendencies, they cannot be expected to peacefully coexist. If given complete freedom of association, people segregate themselves. Abstracting this concept, say someone forms an volunteer organization of like-minded individuals to help the community. Since all members all think and see the same way, there is little to no infighting among our group. Then, if many people who didn't agree with the group's policies joined, less would get done, as we would waste time and money bickering over what the best course of action would be. An easier solution would be to simply self-separate into two factions. They could still interact, but they wouldn't negatively impact each others choices with their differences. Today, a lot of violence and strife in our community originates from forced integration and interaction of groups that are polar opposites of one another. If people who were incompatible in behavior and belief separated this could all be fixed.

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