• Yes, it is violent and cruel.

    Yes, Django Unchained is too violent, because there are numerous depictions that go beyond anything that needs to be displayed for artistic purposes. The people who make these scenes can find a way to artistically express what they want to without being as violent and as graphic as they were in Django Unchained.

  • Not necessary for the storyline...

    It does not add to the storyline. I suppose it goes along with the fact that Quentin Tarantino has a love affair with over-the-top violence. I have always thought that I would enjoy his movies better without the extreme violence. Too distracting and the extensive focus on the violence takes attention from the story.

  • Very disturbing movie

    Tarantino must have spent half of his budget on fake blood and gore. I became very uncomfortable with the level of violence in the first five minutes, and this is coming from someone who not only enjoyed the movie 300, but owns it on DVD. This movie has several times the graphic content of 300, and 300 has multiple bloody decapitations! The suggested violence is almost worse than the violence we see. One man is torn apart by dogs off-screen while another gets his brains bashed out with a hammer off-screen. I cannot even begin to imagine the sickness in the mind of Tarantino if this is what he calls a movie. I almost walked out of the theater and I feel ashamed that I didn't.

  • Overbearing cop out

    Its as if tarrintino thinks all of the people watching his movies lack sufficient imagination. The over the top violence is a symbol for tarrintinos overbearing a**hole personality. It's like rock stars....They have a prime then they get old and realize they don't rock. Then, they use all the money they made when they rock to prop up their new creative ventures with theatrics only they can afford. Because they rocked people pay homage and act like they like it but after a while they are just old. Tarrintino is old and doesn't really rock anymore.

  • It was rated 18 in the UK.

    When I went to see this movie, I wasn't expecting that much violence, even from Tarantino. Inglorious Bastards was rated 18 too, but that film had been OK to watch for me. With Django Unchained, I had to walk out of the cinema. The level of graphic violence in this movie is unjustified and unjustifiable. Shocking viewers just for the sake of it doesn't make any sense. I would have much preferred it to be suggested. Also, (potential spoiler ahead) the proof of Tarantino's sadistic obsession is once again the fact that shooting someone paints an entire house red.

  • IT IS

    Violence is defined in a dictionary, it does not depend on the eyes of the beholder, and I bet if you ask anyone in the cast if it is they will say yes. You can argue if it is justified or not, if it has a meaning or not ... but it is definitely violent, and in my opinion it was too violent.

  • Violence grabs attention but lacks emotion

    I understand that the film may have wanted to present the sheer brutality of slavery. But that is not to say that this idea can not be presented in other ways. For instance, Spielberg's 'Schindler's list' portrayed the sheer brutality of the holocaust in a none violent manner that was incredibly effective and heart rendering. In my opinion,this is what Django Unchained lacked - feeling. The violence became inhumane. It reflected the idea that excessive violence can be justified and two rights make a wrong. I didn't like how violence was used a in a light humorous when there is in fact nothing funny about rape, beatings and the injustice of slavery.

  • Gratuitous

    It was a great script and the gratuitous blood and gore visual effects detracted from it. I'm told by people who hunt deer that the the rifle shot would not remotely cause that level of blood "splatter/burst". But that's Quentin Tarantino for you... Although I found Pulp Fiction too violent as well.

  • Gratuitously violent and unrealistic.

    Might have been a decent film otherwise but the violence was so over the top I didn't even finish watching the film. The violence and resulting gore, and really everything about the film, was almost cartoonishly unrealistic at times and it was so clumsy, and that lack of realism really undermines the claim that this was supposed to depict what slavery was really like. As someone else pointed out, "Schindler's List" did a much better job of realistically portraying what people really experienced, it had moments of gore that were hard to watch but they were necessary in telling the story.

  • Absolutely too violent

    Why should we fill our brains with so much violence? Its scary and disturbing that we support this level of violence in a film as a society. Sure, its not real but mixing realistic scenes with grotesquely gross unrealistic scenes is confusing and unhealthy for our minds. Adults, let alone children should not be viewing this much violence. I enjoyed the storyline, the dramatic content and the developed characters. This film did not, however, need the excessive visual violent content to be dramatic or convey historical reality. I am still recovering.

  • Violence is Tarantino's signature

    A director as successful as Tarantino must be doing something right, something people enjoy, he provides what he feels his audience want and that is his over the top gore, reminiscent of kill bill. This kind of effect has becomes Tarantino's signature, when you see it you know you're watching a Tarantino movie.

  • No, depends on what you think violence is.

    Violence is in the eyes of the beholder and if you think something is too violent, you have nothing stopping you from not going to see it. The movie is not anymore violent then any of the television or movies out there, and it a brilliant movie that will make you think.

  • No "Django Unchained" is not too violent.

    It is your choice to watch this movie, and it was clear by their advertisement that it was going to be a movie with violence. I watched the movie and loved it, I think the actors did a great job, but if you are not into violent movies or movies about slavery you should skip this movie.

  • No, you are not forced to watch it if you think it is

    I think its crazy that we talk about things being too violent. If you feel like something is too violent you have the option to not watch it. I watched the movie in question and I honestly do not think it is anymore violent then some of the TV that people watch today.

  • Violence is in the Eye of the Beholder

    I do not believe that "Django Unchained" is too violent, simply because no one is being forced to see it. If a person considers something "too" anything, but they have the option of not seeing it or taking part in any way, then I don't think it is fair to make a general characterization for everyone else.

  • No it's not

    I don't think it's too violent. That's because it looks kind of fake and unrealistic, so it's alright. Most Tarantino movies have fake over-the-top violence, that's his style. Also the violence had a purpose, to show how bad slavery was, so it wasn't just there for no reason. On the contrary, Django Unchained was a great movie, with great characters and plot. It didn't have that much violence.

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