• Yes it's a great thing

    Because although you may think your not getting anything out of it you miss the details there are new stories to be told new adventures and new conflicts to withhold so its gonna be a good thing so when you say it's a bad thing your obliviously not looking into the details

  • Yes, DLC adds exciting features.

    Often DLC is not required to complete the main storyline of these games. They provide cosmetic upgrades and bonuses that add to game enjoyment but are not required to play. This gives people the choice to purchase DLC if they want to experience these fun extras, or to play the game vanilla if they prefer or if they can't afford the DLC package.

  • Yes absolutely a must

    This is what makes games these days. DLC gives the gamer something to look forward to. I know I always get pumped whenever a new DLC release is a few days away. I usually download the new content asap and play for hours. DLC has changed the present and future of the video game industry.

  • Yes and no.

    I must say, I honestly must agree with both sides. DLCs for games are a great way to earn retail money so a company can continue plans for the future, like Fallout 5 or something, but for games like this, not so much. There is unbelievably so many Easter eggs, and content on this game itself, that adding an Easter egg wouldn't even make a difference. I don't have much to say, but I think a DLC for games like Fallout 4 (RPGs), well, never mind.

  • Fallout 3.5 for sale! (The other .5 is DLC)

    DLC, also known as download content, is getting out of hand. Consumers are shying away from buying certain games because they know the game is really only half the game, and the other half (mostly online gameplay things that they would enjoy even more) comes at a cost of about as much as the original game itself. When does it end? Why are people selling fractions of games?

  • DLC Is Not a Good Thing

    When games offer downloadable content, it often turns the player off because it reinforces the idea that he or she must pay additional money to enjoy all the features that the game has to offer. This may lead to a "pay to win" opinion of a game, in which the average casual player becomes discouraged, and the higher level/more powerful players are those that unlock perks through paid downloadable content.

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