Is DNA genetic engineering unethical (yes) or the advancement of humankind (no)?

Asked by: horvathda044
  • Genetic Engineering Unethical

    I believe there are many ethical and moral questions that humanity has not yet answered in regards to genetic engineering and until we address those issues, I feel like it falls into an unethical category for me. I think until we decide how this is going to impact our community and world, we should stay clear of it.

  • It is unethical

    It has been proved countless times that genetic engineering causes deformations and infertility in animals. It is in all our food and is affecting us. Most experiments are hushed up and people don't even label things that are genetically engineered because they know smart people wont buy it. It affects everything.

  • Genetic engineering is a great advancement

    As humans we have the ability to alter animals, plants, and even people to make them healthier, bigger, faster growing, or just changing physical features. There is absolutely no problem to this, If we took out a cancer gene to all babies born in the next five years we will have eliminated almost every hereditary cancer disease in the world. This is such an amazing advancement that we have but all we have to do is go through with it

  • It is definitely the advancement of human kind

    DNA Genetic engineering will definitely improve of life of humans. One way it will advance it would be the understanding of how diseases will affect us and eliminate it from the equation. Get rid of the problems of infertility, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, substance abuse, anxiety, aging and Parkinson disease.

    I believe in by getting rid of most of these problems, more resources and research can be used for other things, like the advancement of mankind like the study of space and matter. Also, by modifying animals it will allow them to survive disasters either created by man or natural. It allows trees and other vegetation to resist pesticides and other harmful substances.

    I think from a social aspect, people will be made to look beautiful and the way they want to look like. Problems of people being judged because how they look and such. I just simply don't know, I usually like to think positively about the human kind and think were improving everyday.

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sodoff says2013-11-12T20:15:33.853
I don't think that's an exclusively objective question. It can be both.