Is Doctor Who (11th doctor) better than Sherlock Holmes (Benedict)?

Asked by: aw0019
  • Keep on living, Doctor!

    I Think that it is better because their is a mad man, with a box, traveling in time and space to fight daleks, Cybermen, Silence, And even more just like them. Dont forget the Fat from the 10th doctor!! Also the doctor has a ton of companions that he travels with. :)

  • Only the Best

    Dr. Who has its moments, but Sherlock Holmes, brilliantly played by Benedict, really brings 19th century into the modern world. Every episode is mysterious, funny and unexpected. Along with Martin Freeman, the duo use clever tricks and identities to solve the case. You can thank Sir Aurhur Conan Doyle for that.

  • Sherlock is a genius

    The original Sherlock, who appeared in 1887, was in 4 novels and 56 short stories. He is logical, observant, can disguise himself, and an expert at forensic science. He used "Abductive reasoning". This means he uses observation and forms a hypothesis. It's simply "logical explanation". He is also an expert at fist fighting. He knows Latin and can translate Latin to English. Sherlock beats a fictional space traveling alien that flirts with British girls and relies heavily on a "sonic screwdriver" for every problem.

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