Is Doctor Who & Torchwood better than Star Trek and Star Wars?

Asked by: Achmed18
  • A Police Box is much cooler than a Spaceship.

    Doctor and Torchwood (which is an anagram for "Doctor Who" by the way) is just way cooler. Sorry all you Trekies but the Whovians have it. BADWOLF, Bow ties are cool, always take a banana to a party, and all those other references. Bigger on the inside is cooler than bigger on the outside.

  • Dr Who is better!!

    Dr Who shows the journeys of a time lord trying to do good in the different galaxies. In my opinion, it is more entertaining than star trek or star wars. I am a fan of star trek but Dr Who is way much better the show has comedy, drama and adventure along with fantasy and science fiction.


    DOCTOR WHO & TORCHWOOD ARE BETTER then the STUPID star wars movies & cartoon show & the STUPID star trek shows & movies they cant even begin to grasp the meaning of sci-fi eleven actors have played the lead role in the television series, with continuity maintained by the ability of the character's species to regenerate. Several other actors have played the character on stage and film, in audio dramas, and in occasional special episodes of the series.

  • Time Travel is way cooler

    But then there's stuff like Back to the Future and Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure's and they just make me want to rip my eyes off. The question we should really be asking is.........Sonic Screwdriver of Phasers. (Sonic screwdrivers would win) Star Wars sucks and the order is stupid. Make the movies in order

  • Torchwood deals with contemporary life, Star Trek is a kind of utopia

    If you watch an episode of Torchwood, a spin-off of my favourite science fiction series, Doctor Who, you can see how this series deals with everyday life:almost every episode is setted in modern days Cardiff (and not on a planet far in the space). The main character of Torchwood, Jack Harkness, have changed the kind of homosexual heroes we see in tv: he's intelligent, misterious, sexy a little ambiguous and have lived for more than 100 years in the past. It's a bit different than the utopic world in Star Treck or in Star Wars, in wich there are brave and perfect heroes and the enemy is very evil and sometimes are the stereotypes of an evil characters. On the other side in Doctor Who episodes sometimes the " enemies" are the greed, the violence, ambition and the lust for power of the human beings, in the future as in the past.

  • Star Trek is superior to all the other series mentioned.

    Since Doctor Who was lumped in with its spinnoff I cannot see myself arguing for it, and am also displeased with having to argue for Star Wars. Star Trek was/is an iconic series that dealt with many social issues and did so tastefully while maintaining a sense of wonder and excitement throughout its many decades being viewed by millions... The success of the televised series (in Star Trek's case) made for excellent movie opportunities and inspired the creation of devices used by the average man/woman every day (ie cellphones, pagers automatic doors/sensors/lights) Star Wars became larger than life with its simple fantasy story and great cast of characters (and actors) Becoming an obsession to children and adults alike across the globe. These things all being said, Doctor Who (though I've loved my entire life xD) enjoys a relatively small fan following by comparison to the giants they've been thrown against. Star Trek on its own is "better" than Doctor Who & Torchwood, hands down :)

  • This argument is already ridiculous.

    Doctor Who and Torchwood are the same franchise, and they're very much alike. Star Trek and Star Wars are completely different things. The reason Doctor Who loses isn't really because Star Trek and Star Wars are better- that's a matter of opinion. Doctor Who loses because it's one big thing trying to compete with two big things. It loses by default. If you compared Doctor Who to Star Trek, then this would be rational. But since you decided to add Star Wars to this, that's why Doctor Who lost.

  • Doctor Who is great...

    ...But Star Trek is better. The Original Series of Star Trek helped to change the world. The Next Generation provided and continues to provide a vision of the future toward which we can all strive. Star Trek is a socratic sort of program, masterfully written to make the viewer think about difficult and interesting issues.

    I'd say Star Wars is tied with Doctor Who. Those are both amazing fantasy programs, and they're among the best fictional franchises constructed. But when you put Trek and Wars on the same side, there's no comparison.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-21T18:28:36.763
Wait how are we comparing two shows of the same universe to a show and a movie series that are not of the same universe.