• Call of Duty Sucks

    I can say from personal experience that COD is awful. Especially the new one, I can't even play a game without someone lagging out. It is absolutely horrendous, not to mention it is practically the same thing every time. I would rather watch something somewhat interesting than listen to some redneck rant about his personal life over XBOX LIVE. Not to mention that call of duty now is like cancer for a gamer's eyes. Just watching gameplay of Black ops 3 makes me want to hurl. And Based on the past I feel that COD will only get worse. COD GHOSTS, COD ADVANCED WARFARE, COD BLACK OPS 3. Enough said.

  • Doctor Who is over a trillion times better than Call of Duty.

    Doctor Who has been around many decades longer than Call of Duty and has been entertaining people for ages and still is.
    It's a huge part of British television history and is significantly important for the BBC.

    About 77 million people watch Doctor Who (which is a lot, in case you're wondering) and none of them have changed.
    Call of Duty has significantly more people BUT also harms some people mentally and is something people are better without.

    Doctor Who takes talented people to make the programmes and requires a lot of thinking, making it very good quality. Call of Duty has been sold by the masses and has very little creativity and it is poor quality, just a repetitive shooting game.

    Call of Duty is only made to create money, Doctor Who is made to entertain which it does successfully (although it does make a lot of money as well).

  • Doc who is spectacular

    It's just great but because I have to put fifty words why I have to talk for around about a minute without hesitation, deviation, or whatever the other thing is, it's like that panel game on Channel 4 like Rory just pointed out. However, I'm going to move on and say number seven, and talk about my other favorite band, which is the House Martins. I don't know if anyone remembers the House Martins, but the best gig I ever went to was at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in about December, it must have been 1990, and the House Martins were playing, and it was quite simply the best gig I've ever been to. They split up quite soon afterwards, I don't know what that tells you about that particular event. I'm sitting in the TARDIS now, and I'm gonna wind up soon, but not before I make a few strange noises with my mouth, all goes something along the lines of, bingle bangle, dingle dangle, yickety doo, yickety dah, ping pong, lippy tuppy tooh tah.

  • Because doctor who has been around longer

    Call of Duty or COD has only been around for a few years yet doctor who has been around for 50 years on the 23 of November 2013. Doctor Who has better actors and a better storyline in it, whilst COD is just terrible. And HALO is better than Call of Duty aswell!

  • Different media/ genre

    You can't say Doctor Who is better than Call of Duty because of the fact that they are different medias. Call of Duty is an fps game, while Doctor Who is a TV show. With the two being so different there is no point in comparing. Why would you compare a TV show and a video game.

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Anonymous says2013-09-20T11:24:49.987
Comparing apples and eggs next?