Is Doctor Who better than Star Trek and Star Wars?

Asked by: Achmed18
  • Due to originating ideas yes.

    This is a hard question as I like all three series. However...
    The best thing about Star Trek is either the reboot (time travel), or the Borg which are unmistakably the Cybermen from Doctor Who with a makeover (really just inserting some Dalek).
    The Best thing about Starwars the Jedi who die to be reborn and continue to influence matters, comparable to regeneration in Doctor who which in done in a more interesting way, plus the random change in actors is explained by it vs. The five actors to play a single Jedi.

    All three shows have at times been victims of bad writing, yet overall in quality the doctor never disappoints us to the level of Star Fleet Captains have with their addiction to breaking the prime directive and genetic experiments on every species they find, or masochistic Jedi engineering situations likely to result in inbreeding to get stronger Force bacteria.

    And yes, this is me saying Doctor Who is overall better than the two other shows combined.

  • Doctor Who shaped Sci-fi as we know it.

    Doctor Who origanted most of the themes we see in sci-fi today. It must have influenced Star-Trek and Star Wars in a large manner. And Star Trek and Star Wars got most of their popularity from the fact that sci-fi was popular at the time because of.... (You guessed it!) DOCTOR WHO!!! And George Lucas and Steven Spielberg themselves have confessed that they were fans of the original series that was running at the time they made Star Wars.

  • Yes, The Doctor wins

    I have watched Star Wars countless times and have never fallen in love with any of the characters. The Doctor is part of my life, and my children's lives as well. No movie can have that same effect. If the roles were reversed and the Doctor was in movie format, maybe it would be different.
    TV has a much more powerful impact, which the Doctor is. Now, Star Trek is a wonderful movie and the different versions since the original are great. Still no match for Doctor Who.

  • It Is British

    Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi in the world, and thats because it's good, brilliant in fact, that's how it's been able to run for 50 YEARS! The stories on Star Trek and Star Wars are rubbish compared to Doctor Who's, and Doctor is BRITISH! Star Trek and Star Wars just have a load of boring old space ships, but Doctor Who has the Tardis, the best ship in the universe, bigger on the inside and stuck in the shape of a 1960's London police box (genius). Oh yes, regeneration is fantastic, a new personality every time. Star Trek and Star Wars have the same characters forever (boring). And one more thing, Doctor Who doesn't have star in it's title!

  • Doctor Who is way better

    There are eleventy squillion reasons why Doctor Who is better than Star Wars and Star Trek and all of them are very very very valid. But I am just going to mention 11, 1 for every doctor.
    1 they've just got a boring space ship in Star Wars while Doctor Who has a blue police box from the 1960s how cools is that?
    2 Is that that every time the doctor regenerates there is something new about the doctor, while the same old boring tedious characters in star wars!
    3 Which one has been running for 50 years and has practically invented the idea of science fiction? I rest my case!
    4 The next reason I prefer Doctor Who is the monsters, they're scary, they want to make you hide behind your'e sofa! The Daleks, Cybermen and the Empty Child.
    5 Doctor Who is winning this pol anyway so it shows people have taste.
    6 Doctor Who is original while Star Wars had big competition when it was launched, chiefly from the likes of 'Alien'.
    7 Weeping Angels are a reason in their own right.
    8 Everyone in Star Wars has stupid names like Yoda and Obi-Wan-Kanobi*.
    9 Yes the special effects are cheesy but it wouldn't be Doctor Who without them.
    10 My cousin showed me a Star Wars and it was the reason I don't watch it today.
    11 Matt Smith is the single most funny man alive.
    And one for the new doctor!
    12 It has been a big part of my life and it would be a black hole without it. Sorry about the bad joke.
    Those are my 12 reasons.
    *Sorry if I spelt it wrong.

  • Doctor Who is much better

    Doctor Who is GREAT! It's so awesome and quirky and fun! On the other hand, Star Trek and Star Wars may be kinda cool, but there are so many plays on it like Battlestar Galactica, etc. that it just isn't nearly as neat anymore. Doctor Who has neat time travelling plots that are fun and cool.

  • I think I prefer the Doctor

    I think that star trek and star wars both have the normal way of doing things, just shooting their way out of every situation. But the doctor however, is able to think his way out of sticky situations without touching a single weapon. I also think that both star wars and star trek have WAY too much talking and not enough action, I remember as a kid I watched them both and either fell asleep through half of it or skipped to the action parts, the doctor, I did not. I do like both but I do think that I prefer the doctors way of doing things. The doctor has a way to make you think about what's going on rather than just watching. Maybe if Obi One Ken-obi or Captain John Luke Bakard wore a bow tie, I may like the show a lot more.

  • Doctor Who is a billion times better than Star Trek and Star Wars

    Doctor Who is so much more imaginative than Star Trek and Star wars combined. Just picture it an alien with two hearts that travels though time and space in a sentient police phone box thats bigger in the inside than in the outside. Can you get more imaginative than that? While Star Trek is only about a starship with ethnically diverse people that explore outer space. And Star wars is about a heroic monastic order which fight against an evil order using mysical powers and energy blades. Clearly Doctor Who is more imaginative. Both Star Trek and Star Wars show stereotipically heroic main characters. While Doctor Who's main character, the Doctor is a controversial hero wich occasionially makes anti-heroic decisions revealing a contradicting sense of morality. An example of this contradiction would be his rejection towards weapons (and favoritism towards non-violent resolution) and his sometimes vein and vengeful motives show a much a much more realistic persona than flawless heroism. This shows the beauty of Doctor Who, the fact that the Doctor is not a hero but mételo a madman with a box.

  • Its been on for 50 years!!!

    Listen doctor who has been on for 50 years. Its the worlds longest running sci fi show on and star wars sticks that glow we already have glow sticks and star trek is good but not as good as Dr who and aliens are possible and so is time travel.

  • Doctor Who is a tradition

    Doctor Who isn't just a TV show any more. Yes, Star Trek has its cult following, plenty of fans and launched a few careers, but Doctor Who is more than just people at conventions in rubber masks.

    Whovians are rarely mocked for their love of the show. Most British people - quite a few Australians too - are aware of the show, can discuss it and will do so with, if not admiration, then at least a certain respect.

    Yes, the effects can be rubbish. But it's not Doctor Who without them! They tried to make it a bit Hollywood once and it didn't really work. Some episode plotlines can be dull or ridiculous, but overall they're great, and manage to entertain adults and children without dumbing anything down. It tackles themes of humanity, love, survival and brings hope to the fans who settle down each week, with a cup of tea in a TARDIS mug, a Dalek beanie and a sonic screwdriver tucked into the waistband of their Cyberman pyjamas.

    I, for one, know that my life is enriched by Doctor Who.

    This is not to say that Star Wars and Star Trek are bad. They're just not as good. While they touch hearts and also inspire deep devotion, their fanbases are usually derided by everyday people. Doctor Who is, if not embraced, at least respected by the general population, and regularly makes headlines in reputable newspapers each time the Doctor is recast, a series finale is released, or a lost episode is recovered.

    Doctor Who is not perfect, but it doesn't need to be. It doesn't try to be. However, of the three (damn good) franchises, Doctor Who is the winner.

  • Special effects and Plots

    'Star Wars', has the best of both worlds, 'Star Trek' has great special effects, (not costume design though). The plots of 'Star Trek' are relatively pathetic. 'Doctor Who' has the worst of both worlds, cheesy special effects and wacky plots that put 'Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland' to shame. If the BBC wanted to improve 'Doctor Who' then a reboot, with a higher budget would be necessary.

  • Star Wars just beats Doctor Who out of the dust.

    While I give Doctor Who props for redefining sci-fi, its no surprise that Star Wars PERFECTED the Sci-Fi genre. Why you may ask? Well first off, look at the HUGE Expanded Universe SW has, and then look at the DW universe, no comparison. Star Wars is larger in scale than DW, what with its various species, planets, vehicles, and organizations. Also, SW has a rich cast of characters that are very likable (for the most part). Now, I'm not saying DW characters aren't likable as well, I'm just saying that they don't really give me a reason to care for them, besides a few of the companions and the Doctor himself. The Jedi and Sith are also a reason for this preference. There are just so many badass and well designed Jedi and Sith that it puts The Doctor to shame. The fanbase, while it can get annoying at times, what with its prequel vs. Original trilogy debates, is still pretty likable. Half of this is because the SW fanbase isn't comprised of teenage girls who idolize the main characters as gods and who ship characters. Speaking of which, Star Wars characters are really unique and each have a overall likability to them. I like the fact that almost every alien species is used in SW as well, while in DW, the focus on aliens is mainly given to the Gallifreyans, Daleks, and Cybermen. Overall, SW has the more awesome, fantastical feel that DW can have soemtimes, but overall lacking.

  • Star Wars and Star Trek are baus

    Doctor Who seems to be boring because I gave up right in the middle of the first episode. It was very confusing but although Star Wars and Star Trek were also confusing it made more sense, but now I'm the one being confusing. All in all Star Trek and Star Wars are better!

  • Star Wars and Star Trek = Best Scifi

    Well technically Star wars is considered science fantasy but whatever. Star wars excels in story telling; its use of visuals, character development, and exposition is far better than that of Doctor Who. Doctor Who's story telling is shot every time a new doctor forms and he retains some memories but not others. This makes the audience less able to connect to him. Imagine if you remarried and new you had a wife before, but didn't know who she is, that's not realistic behavior. Of course the creators do this because different people want to tell the story of the Doctor in different ways but it still diminishes his character. Also all the bits with killing off than bringing back characters, especially enemies, gets really tiring. Star wars is a lot more consistent or at least reasonable with this.

    Star Trek does better Scifi than the doctor. All the science from Doctor Who is jumbled and twisted to make a more light hearted science adventure while Star Trek uses more accurate scientific jargon to help immerse the audience in its universe. To me you can't really do too many comparisons to Star Trek and Doctor Who because they're two very different things.

    I love how Doctor Who time travels so you get that medieval/fantasy feel mixed with science fantasy and they execute it really well on the shows. The Doctor himself is the shows main asset and detriment to me. The writers can't do too much with him because every exposition about the Doctor is going to limit the next implementation of him. I don't like this because when it comes to character development the more exposition the better and the Doctor has little to no character development.

    But whatever I still watch it. I started back in the 2005 revision and have yet to try the older doctors.

    Posted by: Ovat
  • NO NO NO!!!

    Star Trek may be inferior to Dr. Who, but Star wars was so amazing and it has such a great story line that even the fantastic Dr. Who can't even beat it. Star wars also has light sabers and Jedi's or the sith have the force which is AWESOME! !!!

  • I don't see the fun in Doctor Who

    Doctor who is just completely boring, doctor who doesn't even fight is enemies instead he just talks to them. Also Doctor Who can't keep himself alive he always dies and then comes back to life and then dies and comes back to life etc. etc. It's the same story over and over again. While Star Trek has a sense of complexity, danger and excitement. With villains that grow on you. And Star also has a sense of rebellion and excitement and characters you know and love. So Star Trek and Star Wars are the obvious winners

  • I don't see the fun in Doctor Who

    Doctor who is just completely boring, doctor who doesn't even fight is enemies instead he just talks to them. Also Doctor Who can't keep himself alive he always dies and then comes back to life and then dies and comes back to life etc. etc. It's the same story over and over again. While Star Trek has a sense of complexity, danger and excitement. With villains that grow on you. And Star also has a sense of rebellion and excitement and characters you know and love. So Star Trek and Star Wars are the obvious winners

  • Star Trek is better than both Star Wars and Doctor Who

    Star Trek is (in my opinion) the best sci fi franchise ever. It's got action, drama, interesting characters and stories, awesome tech, and so on. Another reason I love Star Trek so much is because it presents an amazing utopia that we as a species can strive for. I've seen tons of Doctor Who and it never really interested me. There is no real continuous mission or goal and some episodes are just so dumb and inconsistent that I can't help but laugh. It just seems like the Doctor is space Jesus and does whatever the hell he wants, including taking random English women from their homes and going on a time machine joy rides. Doctor Who is fun, but it's no where near as intelligent and interesting as Star Trek. And Star Wars? Forget Star Wars. The original trilogy is fun and quirky, and A New Hope was basically a special effects masterpiece.. But THE PREQUELS. Need I say more?

  • Science Fiction vs Science Related Fiction

    Doctor Who's science is shaky and best and the character development is limited due to the whole reboot a new doctor every few years or so. The star series are classic works for different reasons. Star Trek has near perfect science and Star Wars has AMAZING character development and storyline

  • Doctor who has deteriorated to unwatchable

    First Doctor who (only counting new)

    It used to be good but has gone from great show everyone watched to unwatchable preachy waste of licence fee money.
    First under Matt Smith it turned back into a kids show which was still fine
    But when you have replaced the doctor with an incompotent fool and given Clara all reason in the show (not counting the stupid death), They completely destroyed his character. And Clara was rather irritating towards the end becoming bossy and able to do everything.

    Then bill came along, Whose character trait was she was a irritating lesbian who shovelled chips, Then the writers got confused between is she a student or staff, At least Clara was pretty (say what you want but there’s a reason why Hollywood is full of attractive people).

    It’s the speeches at the end which can be terrible for doctor who though, It used to be that the doctor would reason before shaking his magic wand and they all die, Now it’s just a speech that beats them then something happens which doesn’t seem linked at all

    Now Star Wars

    Original trilogy was a great space fantasy, Not what I would call sci-fi which is probably why these debates go on because they can’t really be compared very easily. Prequels work for kids but aren’t up to standards. Force Awakens was good but it was little more than a modern retelling of the first film, Haven’t yet watched rogue one but heard it’s good, Haven’t heard anything about solo film.

    Heard no good about last Jedi though and from seeing clips online it’s bad, As in it brings up the question of whether we should still have film critics as cared about group, The science in Star Wars is never its aim so can be overlooked. But the actions of the characters seem stupid except Poe who should lead the resistance as he seems the only one to understand that a few bombers are easily replaced while a massive star destroyer while cannot and a few men for taking out thousands is a great trade. It seems remarkable that the rebellion succeeded after Leia was incapable of strategy. But from what it seems it appears to a game of whoever’s most incompetent loses rather than skill and intelligence

    But on the most part Star Wars is great and it does merchandising excellently as shown by boxes of Star Wars Lego

    Star Trek
    Excellent sci-fi, Not as strong with action but does messages in the show excellently

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-06T18:26:50.740
I like them all equally . They all give something that the others don't. It just depends on the mood i am in.
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A debate has risen from this...