• Doctor Who has a better story and more content

    Doctor Who has attacks from spookier aliens (such as Weeping Angels) whereas Star Wars is just fighting (the clue is in the name). Also, Doctor Who has over 800x 45 minute episodes and Star Wars is about 5 one hour films. Doctor Who has been going on for 14 years longer!

  • Dr who wins

    Dr who is a much more varied creative and original show where everything is possible and where the Dr marvel us with his wit and cunning
    facing great caliber villains with their extraordinary experience
    leading a companion
    every incarnation is brilliant with emotional moments thoughtful and funny stories
    is perhaps the longest science fiction show in history

  • Dr who is better

    Dr who is my favourite tv show and Star Wars is my favourite movie franchise but I would say that dr who is better because it can last longer and have almost anything happen e. G dr who can last long because the doctor can regenerate over and over again but Star Wars, The war could just end, Someday and everyone sits down for a laugh with a glass of blue milk in their hand. Star Wars also has nowhere near as many ideas as dr who jedis and rebel’s vs Vader and empire then it just slightly changes every episode. Take the similarities to a new hope, Phantom menace and force awakens. A boy/girl on a desert planet found by someone on the good side who takes them and they become a Jedi then they destroy the Death Star or that weird droid ship then one big character dies. That’s it. But dr who has completely different stories e. G Dalek journeys end and victory of the daleks. They are 3 Dalek story lines but are really different dalek is about the last dalek (not really) ever and just wanted sunlight, Journeys end, The Daleks want to destroy the whole of creation aside them, And victory of the daleks, They wanted to set off a bomb inside of someone to destroy earth. My point is dr who has more ideas so it can easily go for another 20 years probably even more.

    Just wanted to say my favourite Star Wars movie is a new hope and my favourite doctor is Tennant and my favourite story line in dr who is the end of time hope this helps people with mixed opinions 😀

  • Doctor who is better

    Not only has Doctor Who been running since 1963, but it also has better monster/villains, amazing storylines and is relatable to this world. Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away with no reference to Earth. How can we relate to a show that has nothing to do with modern life? Secondly, what is the force? How is it possible? At least Doctor Who TRIES to answer these sorts of questions, however vague or unreal they may be. Refer to Tom Baker's explanation of how the Tardis is bigger on the inside at the beginning of The Robots of Death:
    Furthermore, Doctor Who is more complex. Star Wars only has Androids- commonly referred to as droids. Whereas, Doctor Who has many different types of robots. Robots are completely mechanical machines programmed to help humans and other species make their lives easier. Androids are robots made to look like humans. Cyborgs are humans with mechanical parts. Even some of the most iconic villains seem to be more like robots with living thing inside of them (Cybermen and Daleks). A good story line example is that of the history of the cybermen: Mondas, twin planet of Earth, grew an advanced civilization that looked just like humans. At the same time, the silurians live on the Earth. Both Mondasian and silurian scientists predicted that a small planet would enter the solar system and possibly destroy all life on both planets. The Silurians and Sea Devils (cousins) went into deep hibernation and sent ark ships to avoid this cataclysmic event. On the other hand, the Mondasians build and advanced machine that would expel the small planet from their atmosphere. At the arrival of the moon (reference to an object that actually exists in our universe), the Mondasian machine backfired and hurled Mondas out of the Solar System. As Mondas slowly got farther and farther away from the sun, the mondasians decided that the only way to survive was to replace their limbs and vital organs with technological equivalents made of metal. This started the first example of the Cybermen race, whose only thoughts became "Everybody else needs to be like us", completely void of all feelings.
    "Everything I learned about history, I learned from Doctor Who". Lost of Doctor Who episodes take place in human history, giving us interesting explanations of historical questions and phenomenons. Mount Vesuvius erupted because of the Pyrovile conquest, the Doctor accidentally gave Emperor Nero the idea to burn down Rome, Scaroth last of the Jagaroth influenced human development in twelve different time periods, the Osirans (including Sutekh the Destroyer) influenced Egyptian Mythology. However completely unrealistic, this is something that Star Wars could never do.

  • Though it is opinion, I still must say that Dr Who is better

    Firstly, Dr Who is more or less, 10 years older, which means that more of its ideas are original, compared to many that say that the screwdriver was a ripoff of the light sabers. One of the other things is that it is constantly changing, which keeps you constantly hooked

  • Doctor Who is a lot better than Star Wars.

    The biggest strength of Doctor Who is, that it is not afraid of being ridiculous. Some may argue that Star Wars also does not fear being ridiculous, but it is the odyssey of our favourite Time Lord that even gets ridiculous. And calling fiction ridiculous itself is ridiculous, as being ridiculous leads to more fun and creative storylines. Phew!

  • Doctor who is better

    Doctor who is better coes it has allians like the dalek and bunch mordoctor who is for all ages 4 and up star wars is for 4 and up so doctor who is better 3 bill watched the 50th annaversery and 20 mill watched then newest one of star wars the forse

  • Doctor Who is more versatile.

    Because of the way Doctor Who's characters and mechanics are set up almost any scenario can take place, with large battles/wars playing out in episodes like "The Day of the Doctor" and smaller more simple stories taking place in "Father's Day" and "The Lodger" and down right creepy and scary stories in "Blink", "Midnight", "The Empty Child" ,"Silence in the Library", "Night Terrors" and the like. With a lead who's actor can be changed when needed Doctor Who can do basically whatever it wants. Star Wars is great but without diving into the eu its mostly just a lot of long-odds fighting in space.

  • Doctor who is better

    Like seriously. Star wars has taken a very long time to come up with the next episode. Though I still like it, Disney started to own it and Expanded Universe isn't real anymore. The Boba Fett space laser bounty hunter is dead now. Boba Fett's death ruined it for me. In EU, he used a thermal detonator to get out. Anyways, Doctor Who has a meaning and can relate to people. There's a slim chance you'll get a time machine, but you COULD be the companion. But in Star Wars your important only if you can use the force. Hey. Han Solo can't use the force and got slaughtered by his son. And also, I think Doctor Who is gonna last more, due to the regenerations n stuff. Star wars put itself in a position when they're gonna have to kill the character to make new ones, like with what happened to Han. All it takes for Doctor who to move on is a regeneration. That is All.

  • Doctor Who Is Better

    Doctor Who is better than Star Wars because it has so much more variety. In Star Wars, an alien is just an alien but in Doctor Who you get a wide range of monsters that are each unique, i.E the weeping angels and the silence, rather than (in Star Wars) just being blue or having three heads.

    Also, i concede that the force is freaking awesome, and i would love to have a lightsaber.
    However, which would you pick. A lightsaber. Or to be able to travel in a box thats bigger on the inside and get to go anywhere in time and space...

  • This isn't an objective question

    Who determines which is better? Ultimately, the issue withy this question is hat it is entirely reliant on opinion, now, if we were to talk about effects on popular culture then I suppose Star Wars has this one, otherwise no one can determine this. Personally,me do prefer Star Wars, but, again, I am not the arbiter of this subject.

  • Neither is better.

    This debate is based entirely on personal preference. Some people prefer star wars, others might prefer Doctor Who. I don't even know why anyone would post this debate because no one can prove either to be superior.
    It comes down to opinions, and arguments cannot rely on those to prove a point.

  • Doctor who is trash

    Doctor who is trash it has zero logic the main wepon is a screwdriver it is so useless what is that thing supposed to do fix a door and star wars can just take the screwdriver with the force and crush it and your so called tardis it should be called the trudis so all you doctor who fans suck it and star wars forever

  • Doctor who is not better than starwars

    Doctor who is trash it has no logic at all the main wepon is a screwdriver what is that supposed to do fix a door that thing is useless and all you doctor who fan starwars can use the force and destroy the screwdriver. So suck it Doctor who fans

  • Doctor who sucks!

    I hate Doctor who. It is way too tingy, and hard to focus on. Fricking time lords and crap!?? U kiddin me? I know. I'm being critical. And i have terrible reason
    but just bare with me
    star wars is obviously, WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better.

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  • "Star Wars" is by Far Better

    Graphics, writing, talent... The list goes on and on as to why "Star Wars" is better than "Dr. Who". Maybe Brittian has loyalty to its product (which is fine and I respect), however "Star Wars" has been more popular longer (at least in the U.S.). "Dr. Who" was always broadcast on PBS... Right after "Sesame Street".

    Posted by: HH34
  • Absolutely Not Even Close

    Graphics, writing, talent... The list goes on and on as to why "Star Wars" is better than "Dr. Who". Maybe Brittian has loyalty to its product (which is fine and I respect), however "Star Wars" has been more popular longer (at least in the U.S.). "Dr. Who" was always broadcast on PBS... Right after "Sesame Street".

  • Not even close.

    Doctor Who is above average at best. Sure it has some "brilliant" episodes every now and then (Blink being one of them), but overall it mostly has mediocre episodes. It is very overrated, and has one of the worst fan bases ever.

    Star Wars has literally changed the entertainment industry, and has also impacted the world larger than any other entertainment franchise.

    Star Wars has opened up and expanded the imaginations of millions of people. Many famous actors, writers, and directors today were inspired by star wars.

    Everyone knows, and almost everyone loves, star wars.
    Doctor Who? Doctor Who is mostly known in the UK, Australia, and in a few parts in the United States. And from what I know, most people dislike it in the United States that know of it's existence. They find it's writing to be dull, childish, boring, cheap, and inconsistent.

    Anyway, those are only a few reasons why Doctor Who isn't better than Star Wars.

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