• Yes, it seems so

    The Dodd-Frank legislation attempted sweeping reforms in the banking system. It appears that this is working--we have not seen unsafe banking practices in the past few years, and while the economy is still not that great, it is improving. After how long it took the economy to get to its current state, it's no wonder it's taking a while to get back. Besides, whenever I see large corporations freaking out about a particular bit of legislation, I figure it must be good for the common people.

  • Yes, Dodd-Frank works to a point

    Dodd-Frank was meant to give a voice to the American people regarding what is going on in their banking system. There is no doubt that it has not solved all the problems but it has made a dent in those problems by forcing banks to become more accountable and responsible for the actions they make.

  • Yes, it works

    There is no question in my mind that Dodd-Frank works, just look at all the complaints financial institutions are making over it, and it is indeed giving a voice to Americans who feel like the banking world has gone crazy. It has not stopped all of the problems but it has made a huge dent in them.

  • Yes, so far, the Dodd-Frank is working.

    Dodd-Frank was designed so that common Americans could voice when banks and other financial institutions were creating hazards. So far, Dodd-Frank has been working. The financial hazards that did exist have been cut immensely since the enactment of Dodd-Frank. The future will tell if Dodd-Frank continues to be of value to America.

  • No, it hasn't (Bailouts and Regulations don't benefit the working man)

    This bailed out the banks using our tax dollars and the only reason the crisis occurred was because of governments involvement in our economy in the first place. Too big to fail is false your can never be to big to fail. In a truly free marketplace like we should be, this sort of crisis wouldn't have occurred. Dodd Frank was not meant to benefit the working man but the big banks who know they can depend on government to be in this crony capitalist system which isn't truly capitalist there until the government runs out of other peoples money that is then they will fail and I wont be sad. Anyone who votes yes does not truly understand Dodd Frank and what it has done.

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