• 2006 Dodge Ram 2500

    This truck has been through hell and back. This trucked got into a wreck ad rolled 4 times. It landed on its wheels and after the wreck is started right back up. We drove it home that night. That was 2 years ago. Truck still runs to this day. All that happened to the truck is the front axle is bent an so is the frame. Besides that it is the best truck ever!

  • Dodge is outstanding

    My family has used Dodge as their only vehicles for nearly as long as Dodge has been around. Most of my family have been mechanics, They've worked on everything from A-Z and they deducted down that Dodge was simply the soundest and most superior vehicles on the road. My dad put nearly 400k miles on a first generation cummins 91 model 250 and I drive it all the time still and there isn't a single problem with that engine and the rest has only needed the normal maintenance that any vehicle has to have. So I see myself sticking to Dodge and any other Chrysler product for the rest of my life.

  • 1997 Dodge Ram

    Best freaking truck around. Besides a faulty transmission the truck has been an unstoppable powerhouse! Best sounding truck on the market period. None of that little ford whine. Rams are the beasts of the road. No other truck can compare. Don’t even get me started on why ford is found on the road dead.

  • Yes dodge is the best

    Its the longest lasting most powerful and all that good mechanical stuff but as for luxury or comfort its not all that. This post reqiurea me to use twenty eight more words so i am typing twenty eight more words so that i can freaking post this stupid crap. YAY

  • Dodge is the best

    Because i am a dodge girl i was raised on dodge if you dont like dodge keep it to yourself see i am more or less stuck on dodge even though my corvett is a chevy i need dodge my brother has a lifted dodge that i really really love dodge

  • Dodge is dangerous

    Dodge makes the most dangerous truck there is. Look at the IIHS crash tests, Ford got a good rating, Chevy got a marginal rating, and Dodge got a Poor rating. That's why I drive a Ford f-250, I'll never drive a Dodge or a Chevy until their safety meets Ford.

  • Pffft, not even close

    Why is this such a point of pride to people. First off, most companies CAN make basically the exact same things. Second I would cite Top Gear with their unkillable truck, the Toyota Hilux. I've driven one, a diesel, it was unbelievable. Tons of power, good milage, good clearance, good wheelbase and turnaround space. I just don't see why whenever people talk about trucks it's always chevy, dodge, and ford. I can't stand any of them. I've driven all of them and they are all lacking in at least one area.

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