• Animals feel pain :(

    This is not okay :(. Dogs and other animals should not be forced to fight and kill each other for the entertainment of sick people. It's brutal just like the gladiator fights. Killing or maiming for sport is NOT okay whether it's an animal or a human. I remember when I accidentally stepped on my dog's tail and he yelped D: Imagine being bitten and clawed at constantly by another dog T_T it's just not right.

  • Dogfighting is disgusting

    Dogfights are not a sport, it's animal cruelty. And anyone who says other wise, is terrible. You actually think putting dogs in a pit, to KILL each other is entertaining? What kind of sick, twisted, soulless person are you? Ugh I hate anyone who says other wise. Dogfighting is terrible and should not exist. It would do pit bulls good. Because they wouldn't have to put up with those who hate them for the scumbags that train them to be killers.

  • Time these days

    Since the last couple centuries, well lets just say jesus's time. There was no tv's or devices to entertain the people, so eventually they develop ideas make people entertained and also getting a positive income from dog fights. Morals in those times were vague and people were ignorant as humans are top of the food chain. Now we learn our mistakes and see that it's more of violence than actual entertainment.

  • Wrong. Sport? Possible.

    Dog fighting is obviously wrong. Whether its a sport or not could be debated, but that doesn't change the fact that its cruel. Why is there a 50 word minimum? Now I have to write these unnecessary words to fill up space. They shouldn't have word minimums. Have a nice day.

  • It is wrong

    Because it is just like Neglect and no training beside them fighting. Nor running just the poor animals just sitting on a brian in the rain, snow and what ever else. People who puts there dogs, animal threw something like that does not care if the dog even dies without food there starving them. In order for them to become a dog is with love and food and shelter. To caged up with mud and poop around them, that is not a reason for a freaking dog.

  • It is uncivilized

    Dogfighting is immoral on many levels. How can you be entertained by two dogs fighting each other to the death? Plus, in order to get dogs into the state, they basically have to be tortured. How can you look at something that barbaric and say it is morally acceptable? It's not.

  • Yes it is wrong and as for it being a sport, it's at least a sport-by-proxy

    Is dogfighting wrong? It brings unnecessary pain and suffering to innocent animals. That is animal cruelty. Yes it is wrong.

    Is it a sport?

    Sport-According to Wikipedia, Sport (or sports) is all forms of usually competitive physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing entertainment to participants, and in some cases, spectators.

    It does involve physical ability, granted it is the dog's physical ability so it's a "sport-by-proxy" at the very least.

    Not one part of the definition of the word "sport" includes the words "which is not a wrong thing to do." so the dogfighting being wrong has no bearing on whether or not it is a sport.

  • People force dogs into dog fighting.

    It may seem like these dogs like to fight, but that is only because they are tough to do that. Many dogs also get severely injured or die from dog fighting. It is like human beating each other to death for no reason, is that illegal? No. It is also animal abuse.

  • Violates the principles of benevolence and wisdom.

    I agree with others. It's a wonder that this is still a debate these days. With that said, on to my actual argument.

    The purpose of dogfighting is to enjoy the visual and auditory thrill that comes from it, to feel happy for training a dog that wins lots of fights, etc. These are what we call the 'lesser parts of the body'. Mencius 11.15 described this thus: 'The senses of hearing and seeing do not think, and are obscured by external things. When one thing comes into contact with another, as a matter of course it leads it away.'

    Yet there the greater part of our bodies - our hearts/minds - is against it. It should trigger our innate sense of commiseration, and thus to allow dogfighting is against the principle of benevolence. As this is also a clear-cut case of wrongfulness, it is against the principle of wisdom as well. Continuing Mencius 11.15, 'To the mind belongs the office of thinking. By thinking, it gets the right view of things; by neglecting to think, it fails to do this.'

    Thus we can conclude that dog fighting is wrong. 'These - the senses and the mind - are what Heaven has given to us. Let a man first stand fast in the supremacy of the nobler part of his constitution, and the inferior part will not be able to take it from him. It is simply this which makes the great man.'

  • This is wrong.

    Dogs are not just something we can control and abuse, We should be thankful for dogs we should treat them with respect and love, Dogs are capable of feeling love and affection they have hormone oxytocin which is the main source of where we get the feeling we call love, It is stated that dogs have very similar hormones to us, So how can anyone say that dogs don't feel? Some people say that its wrong that people care more about dogs then they do other people, But how can we care about the people more if the people are the ones doing the bad things to the dogs, We are very similar to dogs they feel almost the same emotions as us so i hope the next time you are harming a dog you are thinking about the pain and the heart break your causes them and if that still does nothing for you to help you realize how wrong it is then just know you might as well consider your self a very horrible person. With dog fighting there not just harming these dogs there making the aggressive to the point were they can't ever be pets after awhile these dogs might not be capable of feeling simpathy or love because of the way they have been treated dogs aren't born vicious people make them that way, They also feed the dos live animals like cats and rabbits so that they can fight for there food so that they can get use to the blood in there mouth. This is wrong and cruel and your not only hurting the animals your hurting the economy raising children to think that this is normal and okay. The economy is only getting worse

  • It is a sport

    I am sorry, I really do believe that people should choose how they live (as long as it does not cause harm to themselves, others or the status of the human race). I see how this is cruel but we must acknowledge that it has the potential to stimulated certain aspects of our economy and thus support people and created jobs. Dogs were bread by humans to support them and I see that this is an EXTREMELY inefficient manner at using them but in the end they are not humans, they cannot ration or think or sustain a society or anything. So I believe it should be the decision of their owners to govern their fate and well being. In my opinion they share nothing with humans other than we came from the same origin, as soon as they start talking and forming a society call me, until then my position stands. I believe in a better tomorrow for humans, one that has no room for animals.

  • It is wrong but people should be able to do it

    Dog fighting is cruel and bad but if a person owns dogs he should be able to do what he wants with them. I own 2 dogs and i love them. I would never want my dogs to have to be in dogfights but I don't own other peoples dogs. Dogs are property of their owners and the owner should be able to do what he wants with them. You have to remember that dogs are not people.

  • People are earning money for dog fighting

    Dog fighting is a really bad thing, people shouldn’t be apearnjng over $500,000 for dogs getting beaten up and sevier injuries which have led to death many times, I think that we should help stop dog fighting because dogs don’t deserve getting beaten up because people want money, I personallly think that dog fighting is not a sport and that if it was we should help stop dog fighting because dogs deserve a better life that does not include the pain that they have been suffering in.

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