• Yes they are

    Dogs are better because they are more playful and they love people more than cats because if you adopt a cat then you can be allergic and cats like jumping on stuff so then they like to play and they need a lot of space to run around. So that´s why dogs are better.

  • Yes they are

    Dog is more intelligence and more playful sometime become a watchdog. Dog is spend a lot of time with people long long time ago this mean dog a used to human life also they has good nose and can run faster then cat. Cat is not fit human life just cute.

  • Cats are evil!

    When you have dogs and then decide to get a kitten, Even though your dogs absolutely despise cats, The dogs will adept to the cat’s existence in a feaw weeks. The cat on the other hand, Tries to rule over the dogs, Who’ve been with you far longer than the cat has, And will indeed quickly be in such a high ranking against the dogs (as a kitten! ) that they fear the creature they once tried to hunt down and later tried to play with, So much that they’ll hide from it and let it eat their food!
    That of coarse, Is unexceptable and i think cats need to know their place. And when they do that, Then, And only then, Can I accept the positive traits they share with dogs. Which are, By the way, Way more social than cats and I don’t understand why people ever wanted to domesticate those awful monsters that just try to kill you whenever they just feel like it.

  • Sure it will

    If you want to hug something, Will a cat hug you/ NOOO! All it will do is sit and do nothing. But a dog will always look forward to seeing you.

    I need more words. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    plus, If your those types, It tastes good.

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  • Dog is better than cats

    Cats think that they are on the people and they don't do things that we commands to them. However, Dogs recognize the master and they can make us very happy. It is good to the health of the babies. It is also good to cure the depression and the other diseases

  • Dogs are way better!

    It depends on their upbringing. In general, Dogs are friendlier than cats. They tend to possess qualities resembling friends, Family, And any other individual who shares heartfelt connections. Dogs are extremely loyal compared to cats. Many movies portray these acts and they are very much true. If anyone is feeling down, Dogs are more willing to spend their time with you, Even if you are a complete stranger to the dog. Dogs would act as your guardian, Friend, Etc.

  • Yes they are.

    Personally, I feel that dogs like humans more than cats do. I don’t know about you, But some cats don’t seem to like people at all. It seems to me that dogs are more playful, Cute and loving. I’m no expert, But i think dogs are so intelligent that they can become rescuers, And actually save lifes.

  • No, They're not.

    Cats are more intelligent. We're talking about genuine intelligence, They understand things better. A cat is like a person who is capable of living on their own, They will go eat when they want, Come to play when they want etc, They're independent. Dogs however are like a little child that keeps following you around being like "What do we do now? What do we do now! Food time yet? ". I'll let you decide which one should be considered more intelligent.

    Also cats don't start screaming every time a bird flies outside your window.

  • Cats rule dogs drool!

    Cats are alot more cleaner, Healthier, Easier to take care of, Etc. And they're not picky and more laid back. I can't tell you how many times I tried to get my mom's Chihuahua to eat, Go to the bathroom, Take his medicine because he was SUCH a picky dog and didn't want to do anything. Thankfully I now live on my own with my adorable cat and away from that nightmare of a dog.

  • Cats are better in every way

    Cats look nicer, They rub against you, And aren't as annoying as the sad excuse for a pet. Cats are almost always judged by appearance or fur color, While dogs have a single breed people frown upon. I have two siamese cats, And they're both nice if you gain their trust, While dogs can easily get stolen while they're outside. Dogs don't know how to do anything unless you train them, While cats are a lot easier to take care of.

  • Dogs are good but cats are great.

    Well, Suppose you have a calm cat and a baby and to another situation where there's a wild dog that's not calm. It depends on the type of people because if you're the type of person where you want to relax and chill a cat is the best pet for you. But if you have tons of time on your hands and is wanting to play with a dog for most of your day well a dogs the right answer for you. I am more of a cat person.
    People say that cats are lazy and lounge around but that's totally wrong. While they like to be inside more than dogs it doesn't mean that their nonactive and are lazy. They also understand what people are feeling just like dogs but they understand the owner better and some of my friends say that it's useless to have a cat, Well, Cats are gentle and are in a way useful if you have trained it can obey orders like a dog and cats are small and if it attacks you it's not like it's gonna be a fatal injury.
    On the other hand, Some dogs are as big as a 9-year-old which if it attacks and becomes aggressive it might do potential severe injury and especially if it's like a baby or an infant.
    My last reason why cats are better than dogs is that they're independent and can take care of themselves and it helps out the stress you have whenever you're busy because dogs they just wanna play but dogs are more intelligent by learning how to do more tricks and they're more protective of their owners.
    That is why cats are better than dogs.

  • Both are cute, But cats are easier to handle

    Everyone is saying 'Dogs are more playful and cats just sleep all day', And if you are than apparently you've never played or interacted with a cat before. My cat is just as playful as any other dog. He plays with his toys, Sleeps, Poops, Just like a dog. You don't need to take a cat out 4 times a day, Starting at like 6 AM in the snow, Rain, Or blazing heat. They do all their buissness inside. And just because cats sleep more and have sharper claws does not mean they are mean or less playful. Actually, Facts show dogs kill humans more than cats. About 25, 000 dogs kill humans each year. Not talking wolves or anything, Just a regular household dog who got worked up. They are huge animals while cats are just little animals you can bite. Yes, Cat bites can be bad, But they are very unlikely to kill you.

  • Absolutely Definitely Not. CATS ARE AWESOME

    Cats are more intelligent and live longer. They don't take much looking after and are great pets. Dogs are stupid! I mean i like dogs and all, But cats are so much more relaxed and they need much more care. Most dog owners leave there dogs at home on there own while they are at work, And because dogs need much more attention than cats, THEY ARE BASICALLY TORTURING THEIR DOGS!

  • Both are sweethearts

    I’ve had both and they just have distinct personality traits dogs are lovable and so are cats they express it differently both are supportive of their “owners” cats are just more independent cats are funny in their antics clownish and dogs acting humorous to please their owners innocent playfulness a constant companion

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