• Home work is bad bra

    Iz now kuc iz is a zsudents and iz hatez homzwork cuz it bad for me and my momy saze that homework is stupid ajnd iz alsoz a pink sheep pranzster ganzerter that wants to prank peps in zet of doing homework. Get it homeie. Iz don now zo stay coolz brub.

  • Homework is a good thing.

    Homework teaches children responsibility. The review of the days school work, through homework, also helps reinforce the lessons of the day. This allows the information to be learned on a deeper level than just going over it one time. Homework is essential in teaching children independence. Children need to be able to do things on their own without constant supervision.

  • No, homework is not bad for kids.

    Some amount of homework is useful for reinforcing ideas in students' minds. An argument can definitely be made that students are currently doing too much homework. Two hours of math homework is difficult; when it is combined with two hours of chemistry and two hours of physics and a history essay, it is not physically possible to keep up. Arguing that there should be limits on the amount of homework is not the same as saying that doing homework is bad for kids.

  • It is essential to help them learn everything.

    Homework is very good for kids. Firstly, with the modern curriculum's in school, there is simply too much for a child to learn just during school hours. Doing extra work when they get home is essential for them to keep up. Also it helps establish a pattern of studying on their own.

  • No it's good.

    No it is really good for them to do homework because it reinforces everything they have learned through the day. It gives them a better understanding and comprehension of what they are doing in their classes. Theres a saying if you don't use it you loose it. Meaning if you don't use that information you will eventually loose everything you have learned through time.

  • No, homework is good for kids.

    I definitely think that doing homework is good for kids. I do not see any reason why doing homework would be bad for kids. I think that such an activity teaches kids the principles of education and trying to accomplish a goal. It teaches them discipline as well as character.

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