Is doing the Harlem Shake on a plane going too far?

  • Doing the harlem shake on a plane is going too far.

    Performing the harlem shake on a plane may be going a little far past the boundaries of acceptability. Firstly, while trying to coordinate the actual shake, any disagreement or reluctance to participate could lead to a volatile situation. Also, the shake calls for an instance of pandemonium; while confined in a pressurized, tightly closed environment, I feel this is dangerous.

  • Do the shake

    I believe that it may get disruptive but it could lighten the mood. Although, if it gets to out of hand then would be the time to settle down. But if it is not putting anyone in danger than do the shake!
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  • No, it is not too far so long as it is not overly disruptive

    People doing the Harlem Shake on a plane could make for good entertainment and the expense of nobody. However, if it is disruptive to the point that it delays the flight in any way or distracts people responsible for the safety of the passengers then it would be too much.

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