Is doing volunteer work more beneficial than making a financial contribution to a cause?

  • Volunteering is a more direct connection to the problem

    People who never get to address the actual problem will never really understand it. That is how government social programs have become so costly with few results. Throwing money at an issue does not solve the issue. People who volunteer at an old age home understand the problem of caring for aged people and the importance of that action. Those who just donate to the old age home never really see the results

  • It can be

    It depends on what somebody wants to do for a cause, they are not always in charge of financial contributions and how they're spent. When you are volunteering time you know exactly what it is you are doing, for what purpose, and if it is being effective or if it is not.

  • Volunteer work is far more beneficial.

    When you make a financial contribution to a cause, you are never really sure just where the money goes once it leaves your hand. If you volunteer your time, you know that you have made a needed contribution that will directly improve the cause you have chosen to help. I think everyone can afford to donate an hour or two a month to a worthy cause.

  • I think it is more helpful.

    Being a Christian I think that what the Bible teaches would say that this statement is true. A rich man can give such a small amount of his wealth and cause a lot of good. But if a person uses their most precious resouce of time it is even more noble.

  • No, I don't think doing volunteer work is more beneficial then making a financial contribution to a cause.

    I think both are equally important but I would lean towards financial contributions being more valuable because these organizations need ample amounts of funding to be able to do the work that they do, someone making a generous donation can really help an organization to a massive extent continue to function.

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