• Volunteering is both selfish and defiant to utilitarianism

    I mean no offense to anyone helping the needy - you are upholding the moral values of our society, helping your fellow man; however, ethics are a human construct, and I don't believe that they should supercede the laws of nature.

    Evolution is the process of a species adapting to fit the demands of its environment. Defying the natural order of things will only force our existence into decadence. For example, by giving aid to and funding heroin addicts, we not only allow them to further exacerbate their lifestyle, but give them the opportunity to pass negative traits onto offspring, like susceptibility to addiction.

    As a human, I do not wish death upon any member of my species, however, those that cannot adapt to the modern environment on their own, in the eyes of nature, must perish for the species to thrive.

  • Yes, it is.

    Not to put someone volunteering down, but in the end you are truly doing it for yourself. When someone volunteers they get some sort of self satisfaction for what they did. This is not a bad thing as many things we do that are good for us and people around us are very selfish things.

  • Depends on the reason behind volunteer work.

    We all like to see volunteers helping people everyday. But do people volunteer out of the kindness of their heart? Or do they have some unknown intentions inside them?

    We all know that colleges require volunteer work because it “looks good” on your application and says something about your character. But I see this system flawed, In that, People are volunteering because if they don’t, They will have trouble finding a good college. Most of them may on the outside show that they are willing to help people, But deep down you know it’s just for your personal benefit of going to college. Thus, The colleges should have never revealed that they were basing for volunteer work (although this might not work either). I hope to see more volunteers that truly are volunteering for the good of others and not just for college and their future.

    Another way to tell that some volunteers have selfish intentions is by their volunteer quality. I think the volunteer system is broken, In that they count the amount of volunteer hours. Does being physically present at a location equate to volunteering? What if someone just plays video games there, And maybe they do 5 seconds of volunteering because you need “photo evidence”. I think that if the system was based on the quality rather than quantity, We would be able to catch those that are slacking off. And those people are most likely not willing to volunteer if it wasn’t the college requirement. Thus, We see another form of selfishness.

  • No, I disagree

    Although volunteering may feel like a waste of time, I disagree with you as far as it being selfish. How is helping someone for a good cause selfish? Im not understanding that concept. No one is required to volunteer unless you are a criminal and you have to do it.

  • No,doing volunteer work is not ultimately a selfish act.

    No,doing volunteer work is not ultimately a selfish act.Some people may say that people volunteer for selfish reasons but in the end the volunteer work does help other people so there's no way that critics can say that it is a totally selfish endeavor when there is love involved in the action.

  • Volunteer work is not selfish

    It is my opinion that volunteer work is not a selfish act. I believe that volunteering to do charity work is ultimately for the good of others. In most cases, volunteer work does not involve any sort of compensation, by definition. Therefore any work done is for the good of the beneficiaries of the work.

  • Not at all

    There are people that do volunteer work for the wrong reasons, such to be praised. They are selfish. That doesn't make all volunteer work selfish though, it's a little silly to look at it that way. Volunteer work does a lot of good in the world, it's not right to frown on it in such a way.

  • No, not at all.

    I think volunteer work is as selfless as it gets. Of course there are going to be cases where it is done for selfish reason or notoriety or personal gain, but most people who donate time and effort for free are doing so with good intent and for good reason.

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