• Dolly Parton is still famous

    Dolly Parton is still famous. Her music has lived on, with classics such as 9 to 5 still being played. She is also a successful businesswoman, running a theme park. While she may not be at the peak of her fame, she still has a loyal following of her many fans. She is still being discussed.

  • Yes, Dolly Parton is still famous.

    Yes, Dolly Parton is still famous. She is an icon in the entertainment world. Dolly Parton has managed to stay in the spotlight in the entertainment industry for decades. She is not only a singer, but a very successful businesswoman. Dolly Parton will continue to be famous through her many contributions to the entertainment world.

  • Everyone knows Dolly.

    Dolly Parton is definitely still famous. She is someone who is a household name. If you mention 'Dolly' everyone knows who you are talking about. She kept her name out there by starting Dollywood, a popular vacation destination. In addition, the movie that was made about her childhood at Christmas last year brought a new generation of Dolly lovers.

  • Yes, she is.

    Dolly Parton is an icon and her legion of fans can attest to that. She still draws in hundreds of thousands of people to her concerts, and fans pay tribute to her in a myriad of ways. She may not be the trendiest artist of all time, but people still revere her.

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