• Unconstitutional? Gay marriage is just as unconstitutional!

    Here in America, we have separation of Church and State. Marriage is a religious ceremony and the point of it is the raise a family. Even though we have the great freedoms including the freedom of religion...This country was founded upon the Christian faith and God is even mentioned on our currency as well as our pledge or allegiance. If we have separation of Church and state, then gays should not be allowed to get married at all because the church forbids it and marriage is a religious ceremony for the church to handle. It is sad that marriage has become a complete joke nowadays. I wish this program did not exist, but sadly society will continue to become stranger and stranger as time goes on because of the rise of hipsters and people trying to stand out in society.

  • DOMA is not constitutional.

    It is just assumed that marriage should be between man a woman, and the IRS is running with that. What does a piece of paper do? We should have the right to marry as we wish, as long as it is with a legal aged person. The government has no right to dictate our love lives.

  • Smell irony much?

    The defense of marriage act is an abortion and is an example of the over regulation of morality in this country. We claim to be a free country, however, you can only marry one person of the opposite sex, you can't use any drug that isn't peddled (maybe harsh, but somewhat accurate) by our government for tax revenue, and we now live in an age where the government can spy on you if it deems you a threat (Patriot act). In spite of all this every time the liberals try to implement gun laws we scream bloody murder. Please, tell me what is wrong with people experimenting, marrying whoever they please, and experiencing true freedom? It doesn't harm anyone else, and yet...

  • It is not

    There really is nothing about the Defense of Marriage Act that can be considered as falling within the bounds of the United States constitution. It is discriminatory in the way that it is put together, and has no place in being a part of the American lifestyle and political landscape.

  • Of course not.

    This country was founded on freedom of religion and freedom from suppression. By the government trying to tell people who they can and cannot marry, it is completely against the constitution. DOMA is the government trying to regulate things in which they have no right to regulate. If two consenting adults want to get married, they should have that right. If we can condone two strangers to get married in Las Vegas, but we cannot condone two people who just so happen to be the same sex, but have been together for several years the same right, there is something wrong with that picture.

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