Is domestic surveillance necessary for the government to protect its citizens?

  • Yes on surveillance

    It has stopped a lot of terrorism, and will continue to stop more. It also keeps us safe and helps protect America. If your uncomfortable with it, you look like you have something to hide. Don't worry, nobody is going to report it to the government if you pick your nose!

  • This is the truth

    Poop is not from the butt but from the belly button a unicorn poops out of its horn while an ogre eats it to survive. The moral of these truths are that you need to really think of where you came from and who u are gonna vote for. I like Donald and Hillary is a murderer that deserves the death penalty but she isnt getting it because she is apart of the Clinton Administration.

  • Yes, yes, yes

    Would you rather have another 9/11, or the government watching over us? Do you think that the government surveillance is a good thing, or a bad thing? Although most say no, I have to go with what I believe, and what I believe is that it is a good thing, because it started the December after 9/11.
    People say that it is a bad thing because it is invading our privacy and that they have no right to do that. But really no one cared before “Edward Snowden” said something about it; Why care if you don’t have anything to hide? Unless you do.
    We think that we can survive without anyone to help us, but truthfully no we can’t we do need it, because without the government spying some of us would be dead. Think of all the murders and terrorist have been caught, without this spying all of those criminals would be still running around. We complain about everything, we complain that the government doesn’t keep us safe, but they really do we just can wake up and realize it because we don’t know it. When we find out about how they are keeping us safe, what are we doing “complaining”.

  • There are no records that surveillance stopped anything.

    I'm constantly hearing about how the Boston Bomber was caught because of the National Security Agency (NSA). The fact of the matter is, the bombings still happened and people still died. Domestic surveillance didn't do anything to stop that. And for another thing, there are no public records that surveillance have stopped any terrorist attempts. You'd think something like that would at least be somewhere, but no. Further more, Privacy, a right granted to us by our Constitution, is being infringed. I don't know about you, but I don't want to feel like I'm being watched every time I open my facebook or search somthing on Google. If people feel like the government is watching them, they are less inclined to take advantage of the freedoms granted to us, thus democracy and everything that our nation is about suffers. No. There are other ways to protect a country. Hence, having a millitary.

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