• Undoubtedly a Bigot

    Donald Trump has countless times made astonishing simplifications of incredibly complex things; such as the immigration issue in the US. He has also, despite the obvious and simple truth, made allegations aimed at certain minorities (such as the LGBT+ community, Muslims), completely generalizing them and demonizing them. We all know that approximately only .006625% of people following the Muslim religion are actually terrorists, and yet Trump refuses to acknowledge it; even though it is not just an opinion, but a fact.

  • Donald Trump is a bigot

    He is a narcissist who hates ethnic minorities and finds destructive solutions to difficult problem. He won the race for president by the bigoted old whites like him, and didn't even win by popular vote. He cares nothing for the environment and only wants his franchise to succeed. And now, he's pushing yet another black family out of their home.

  • He is a huge bigot.

    Trump has shown a pattern of racism, sexism, and homophobia. He has openly made fun of people who have handicaps on live TV. There was also a leaked video of him talking about sexually assaulting women. He has persisted in trying to not allow people who come from traditionally Islamic areas out of fear. This to me is bigotry.

  • Yes he is

    I've seen a lot of comments from both sides, but if you look at his history, and his father's history he is. You get a lot of your viewpoints from your parents. His dad clearly had a policy of not renting apartments to African Americans, enough that there were multiple legal actions taken against him. Donald continued that policy. His employees knew not to have minorities on the casino floors when he visited them. His comments about Mexicans, immigrants and Muslims are a pretty clear sign that he's a bigot.

  • He is bigot

    He a bigot cuz he knows what he wantz and he is willing to hurt peepull and destry peepolls lives and the econo me to get wut he wants and that is a respectful man. He dont care about poor mexicans cuz he trynna to put up a wall boi

  • Donald Trump not a bigot

    Donald Trump not a bigot, and in spite of the repeated attempts to label him as such no one has ever produced one bit of evidence to bak up this shameless claim. Time to put this childish nonsense behind us and get on with the business of reporting the news.

  • Donald Trump is Not a Bigot

    While it may be true that people who worked for him were hesitant to rent to minorities many decades ago, I have seen no reason to call Trump a bigot. It is true that he is wary of letting in Muslims from terrorist brewing pots, but keeping America's anglo-saxon, Judeo-Christian values safe from Sharia law and keeping American citizens safe from terrorists sounds more like common sense than bigotry. People with an alternative point of view should be required to live next door to machete-weilding Somalis to prove they truly believe in diversity.

  • This is exactly why no one cares when you cry racist.

    The term "racist " has been inaccurately used to many times that no gives a damn.
    According to a liberal, anyone who disagrees with them is instantly labeled a "racist".
    You have cried wolf far too many times.
    Don't ever expect me, or about 200 million other Americans, who didn't vote against Trump to care about anything you say.

  • Don't know why

    He is little crazy but still need to do things or people will kick him out of the white house and now I will start typing to fit the words ds ds gtr s csf egv fh th trjy tg gre re fw acd d asf erg hrt eg b gr b

  • He is a strong leader.

    No, Donald Trump is not a bigot because he has said a few inappropriate things. If you recorded everything any person said, a lot of it would sound stupid. Donald Trump has been recorded a lot because he has been a famous person in popular culture for a long time. For that reason, some of his comments will sound inappropriate, but he's no different than anyone else.

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Politics2016 says2016-11-10T23:18:54.670
Hey Libs and #NeverTrump Republicans. Give me an example, I'll show you otherwise. Not being rude, but go ahead.