• Yes, Donald Trump is a fascist.

    According to the definition of fascism, Donald Trump fits the description to a "T." Trump wants to control all facets of American life by doing things like strictly regulating the groups of people entering the country and opposing anyone who might disagree with him. Given the chance, I have no doubt Trump would be the 21st centuries version of Adolf Hitler.

  • "Make America Great Again": A Fascist Movement

    Donald Trump is indeed a fascist. His slogan "Make America Great Again" infers that the America we have now is weak and undesirable. In the same breath, Trump also says that he would like to build a wall to keep all Mexican immigrants out of the country, and he also states that Muslims should have to register within the United States. When confronted with the concern that both of these concepts appear heavily prejudiced (the latter often equated to Hitler's Jewish registry), he spins both as being positive factors for keeping America safe. However, ultimately all of all Trump's ideologies have one thing in common: prejudice. Not just any prejudice, but the prejudice found specifically within Fascism. He makes derogatory statements against women often and without remorse, thus promoting the patriarchy and celebration of masculinity often seen with Fascism. He finds disgust with any group of people he does not consider "inherently American," which includes anyone of the Muslim faith, as well as immigrants, especially from Mexico, seeking to enter the country (legally or illegally). Donald Trump surely wants to "Make America Great Again," but his conspired efforts to do so all point to the concept of purging all those he sees as "aliens," as opposed to promoting the individualism we have within this country.

  • Isn't it obvious?

    Anyone with half a brain should be able to see he's got serious problems. Or, he puts himself out there that way. It's possible it's all just a publicity stunt. I guess we may never find out, but if he holds himself out to be that way then we might as well assume it's true.

  • He does not fit the definition of being a fascist

    Donald Trump fits the definition of a nationalist, but he does not fit the definition of a fascist as he has dictatorial powers (he can be impeached), cannot control the American free market apart from tariffs and does not suppress opposition. By stating that MSNBC and CNN are "fake news" he is not suppressing them by any way.

  • No, he is not an ultra-radical nationalist.

    No, Donald Trump is not a fascist. He has some extremely rigid attitudes towards foreign people rights, and some of them may be regarded insulting and unfair, but in my opinion it would be a bit exaggerating to call him a fascist. The word fascist is too strong for his behaviour, and hopefully he will not reach that level of discrimination.

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