• Donald Trump is a good fit for the presidency

    Donald Trump is a good fit for the presidency and exactly what this country needs at this time in history. Here is what we can say about so-called experienced politicians: $20 trillion in debt, U.S. troops in over 140 countries around the world, failing schools, failing war on drugs, ever increasing government dependence. The list goes on and on. All brought to you by politicians who make political office a way of life. And people say Trump is a problem?

  • Not even close

    Donald Trump is nowhere near being a good fit for president. He has a terrible temperament and absolutely no experience in or knowledge of the way politics work. He is an idiot with only one thing on his mind, and that is himself and his own interests. He has no business running this country.

  • Trump unfit for the presidency

    Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency. He is mentally unstable, answering every tweet that criticizes him. This shows his lack of character. He will also be criticized frequently as president, and should have better uses of his time. He also has conflicts of interest based on his real estate holdings that could prove problematic.

  • No, he is not a good fit for the presidency.

    Trump does not have the self-control to run this country. He has no sense of decorum or consequences. He is completely unable to think beyond his own reputation for the good of the nation. We are going to turn everyone against our nation if someone doesn't get control of this madman.

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