Is Donald Trump a good president? ***Facts please, no opinions.***

Asked by: graddie
  • Donald Trump has done more for America and the world than Obama ever did.

    In just the first two years of Trump becoming president he has done many more things than Obama has done in his EIGHT years of being president. Here are just a few of the things Donald Trump has done.

    1. He got an entire country to denuclearise and stop threatening the world. (North Korea)

    2. He worked out amazing trade deals with both Canada and Mexico that helped both jobs in America and America's farmers.

    3. The economy is doing better then ever with him in office. (The economy is currently at an all time high).

    4. He is able to stand up to the suppressive media forces like CNN and NPR. (The media has never seen anybody like him and they are going crazy because of it).

    5. He is handling the illegal immigrants that come into our country by means of climbing over our weak boarder. The illegal immigrants are extremely bad for our country because they both steal our jobs and commit horrible crimes when they should even be here in the first place.

    6. He has effectively removed a large portion of the terrorist population and depleted their numbers.

    Those are just a few of the many, Many reasons why Donald Trump is a truly amazing president and has brought many fabulous things to this great nation or ours.

  • He know how to run a business.

    Bottom line, The US government should be run like a business and he is the man for the job. Just look at how we have improved since he took office. He has done more in one year then Obama did in eight. He knows what the people want and need not the actors in Hollywood or the insider in Washington. I am looking forward for his second term.

  • The President's Job Isn't To Make You Happy

    I'm going to start by saying that Donald Trump isn't the nicest guy in the entire world. And I'm saying that as someone who voted for Trump. That being said, The President's job isn't to make you happy. You have the RIGHT TO PURSUE happiness, But, Even in our great country, Happiness isn't guaranteed. In fact, Did you know that the same traits that are found in criminals are also the same ones that drive people straight up the corporate (and political) ladder? Chew on that for awhile.

  • Is that so?

    I will be doing a rebuttal for ‘Can’t think of what he’s done rights’ argument.

    1) He has may not created jobs, But decreased unemployment. Plus, Obama did nothing at all.

    2) What Donald Trump did, Meeting with Kim Jong-Un, Was thought impossible by many, Yet he did it. This is something that the previous presidents over the decades have tried (or not) to do, And failed. I think you need to be congratulating this, Instead of complaining the glass is half empty. And the Iran comment is an opinion, Not a fact. Trump is for secure borders and safety. Know that’s a fact!

    3) And what’s wrong with regulating the Second Amendment? Is that not enough for you? Are you for or against the Second Amendment? If you are, You should not be criticizing Trump for this.

    CNN seems to be your go to place to catch up on politics. Have you even seen Trump meeting with international leaders, Or are you still watching the protests they staged in London, Or the videos that liberal news sources crop out to make Trump look bad? And yet again, You still seem to be hanging on to opinion, Like it is the last defense against the truth.

    You think Trump is a bad president, But look at Obama.

    He deported more than twice the amount of children immigrants. No one spoke out. He has repeatedly lacked proper respect for foreign leaders, (Look it up) and Obama lied a whole lot more than Trump does. He worsened the economy, And made no progress for North Korea.

    In conclusion, Trump is not a bad president, And I have pointed out that he is nowhere near the worst. He is simply the most criticized president through the media. Get your facts right.

  • Overall, he has been good.

    He has done a large number of beneficial things. Unemployment among minorities is down, economy is booming, Kim Jong Un has been brought to the negotiating table, ISIS is essentially gone, crime rates are down. I personally don't care what some aristocrats in Europe think about the US. He has been far from perfect but overall has performed well as a president. Unfortunately, the left can not look past their dislike of the man like I can, and just look at how he is doing.

  • He has done many things right

    He has created jobs, He ended the North and South Korea war, And he's fighting to keep the second amendment. Yet people treat him like the worst president ever to be had. I don't find him as good as bush but if Hilary Clinton became president we would most likely have no guns and many terrorist would be here right now.

  • He is great president

    He sent stimulus checks to poorest Americans instead of giving money to rich banks, He should also punish and fine China for bringing the virus everywhere. He also supports American made products. He is a smart businessman, Obama and Clinton were just talking. He showed real actions. He is great! Yes

  • Donald Trump has deescalated tensions with North Korea

    Donald Trump has done so much to help to deescalate tensions with North Korea. For one under his presidency North Korea destroyed there nuclear test sites. Number two Donald Trump has met with dictator Kim Jon Un to try to negotiate deals with him. Donald Trump has done so much for this country and the left loves bashing him for the simple reason is they can.

  • Donald Trump has deescalated tensions with North Korea

    Under Donald Trumps presidency North Korea has 1 dismantled nuclear test sites. 2 Donald Trump has met with north Korean leader Kim Jon Un and has been negotiating to strengthen ties with the dictator. Donald Trump has done way more good then he has done bad for our country and we need to respect that.

  • Donald Trump is a good President.

    I am saying he is a good president not a great or amazing president. He has helped with our economy. Many people say he is not hard on Putin now I may agree with you in some ways. I would also say this Obama just let Putin take Crimea and never sent any support to Ukraine while Trump has sent Military supplies to support the Ukrainians. He has also pledged his support to NATO countries like Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, And Estonia who are actually under threat. Another thing trump has done is bring back and make it easyer for jobs like mining, Automotive, And trade jobs to succeed here. Many people don't like how he has treated our European "allies" I disagree. The reason he has done so for one most of them like Germany, France, Spain, And Ireland do not meet NATO rulers by putting at least 2% of their GDP to Defense/Military. Also they have done things like internet censorship and triggering articol 50 (removal of voting right) on both Poland and Hungary mainly because they wouldn't take any illegal migrants. The last reason I think he is a good president is because he doesn't back down when he is under pressure. Even when Germany and France said they needed a European army to protect the EU from "Russia, China, And the USA" Trump shot back with maybe they should pay their NATO obligations before making a EU army that nobody asked for (not his exact words). This is why I say trump is a good president. Is he the best president of all time no! Is he the worst president and literally Hitler not even close.

  • How can I trust a liar?

    Since his inauguration, Trump has told over 3,000 lies (all of which have been verified, link below). Anyone who lies should never be trusted, regardless of who they are, and Trump is a prime example of how we need to hold our public officials accountable for their chronic lying.


  • Can't think of what he's done right

    I'm not sure if this is a troll debate, but I'll respond as if it's genuine.

    First of all - all three of the opinions you express in your initial post are incorrect.

    1) He has not created jobs. According to the Bureau of Statistics, there has been no sustained increase in employment since Obama in 2009 (Note: employment rates ebb and flow constantly (https://data.Bls.Gov/timeseries/CES0000000001?Output_view=net_1mth)). However, there is a very real risk of jobs as Trump continues to threaten established trade agreements.

    2) No, he has not ended the was between North and South Korea - there's not even been any discussion regarding talks to finally end this war. He has had on-again, off-again plans to maybe meet with Kim Jong-un in Singapore to talk about N.Korea;s nuclear weapons program, but he and his administration keeps saying silly things to make this meeting less likely. Trump has made the world much less secure withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear deal and by alienating traditional allies.

    3) I don't really understand your point regarding the Second Amendment - as I don't see Trump so much as fighting to protect it as simply maintaining the status quo. The Second Amendment doesn't currently appear to be under any serious threat.

    I'm concerned that Trump will cause significant damage to America (and her allies). He appears to hold friends and allies in contempt and (e.G. U.K., Mexico, Canada, Germany), He shows no respect to international bodies that seek to provide security (e.G. NATO, U.N.), he undermines hard-fought for and effective international agreements (e.G. NAFTA, Iran Nuclear Deal). He doesn't appear to listen to his own experts and advisors. He lies, lies and then lies more (https://www.Cnn.Com/2018/05/01/politics/donald-trump-3000/index.Html).

    Even at the most basic level - I believe Trump invites/heaps contempt on the office he holds - and I think this last fact alone likely means he is not a good holder of the office of the president.

  • Good/Bad is Subjective terminology

    Curious as to why someone would ask a "good or bad" question. Then, require Facts...
    -- Good, bad, evil, righteous, indifference are all relative terms based on an individual's view point. Therefore, it is impossible at state facts.
    -- Facts are objective data.
    My opinion is does he have a negative or positive effect on America and the world at large... The Environment? Negative, the highest CO2 amounts ever recorded just happened... The Economy? Too early to tell. Many companies are merging so it requires time. Bilateral deals have not come through. Nafta, European trade agreement have not been settled yet... The Unemployment? Positive. Lowest record... World Issues... To early to tell. Although the world views of America have dropped. They see Germany and China as the leaders now.

  • No he is not

    To be a good president you need to be accepting of people as well as be good at what you do, Donald Trump discriminates he is full of himself and he is making alot of Americans think like him just because you have a narrow minded leader doesn't mean you have to act like them peace is the most important thing in leadership, You want a equal country not a segregated one by that I mean you want all of your citizens to feel welcome and equal as humans but Donald Trump is not making people feel welcome or equal and a equal accomy is a successful one, People will start hating American and suicide rates will probably go up, Life is short and everyone deserves to live their life in peace and Trump is not helping so he is a terrible president and it's a big set back for America.

  • This is an opinion site, And you hate facts

    He incompetent. His office is very disorganized and he burns through employees. Some positions are empty and the best do not get hired.
    Literal con artist with fake degrees or no degrees are running the country.
    Second He is too dumb to pass laws. Obama did the dream act. Trump can't even get a dumb wall built. Go south to the border and go count how long the wall is. He is giving the illusion of a wall being built and his base believe it because they are too broke and lazy to even go check,
    The man lies. He fakes his data and he just uses classic con techniques. The only reason why he wins is because the whole nation is really dumb and easily gullible.
    A man with doctorates and degrees is useless in reaching stubborn and dumb people, But a con man lives on those people.

  • Trump is in WAY over his head

    Trump at his essence is simply a bad person, And a cringeworthy liar.
    He really hasn't accomplished anything except to stock the courts from
    the supreme court down with reliable lackeys to limit the freedom of
    of regular Americans and give tax cuts to the very people who don't need them. Anyone who supports him, Who isn't benefiting from his brand of corruption, And I don't mean getting a few hundred more in your paycheck, That is pocket change to the people really benefitting from the tax cuts. , Are content to settle for the table scraps, That is until the powers that be determine that those table scraps are a handout then that will disappear. , In plain English "Suckers".
    In short, I urge people who foolishly voted for this charlatan to see him for the fraud that he is. Donald Trump will never do anything altruistic, He doesn't possess that quality and if he can't lie his way out of a predicament, He is looking for someone to throw under the bus. He can't even tolerate criticism of any form without striking back like a grade schooler. If you have to vote Republican choose somebody with some moral compass. , Something else he lacks.

  • Trump is horrible

    Trump doesn't pass muster for a number of reasons. First off, The economy. Now I know a lot of conservatives think this is one of his strong points but if you look at the economic indicators the economy hasn't really picked up much steam since Obama left office despite his ambitious tax reform and deregulation. He has created fewer jobs so far in his first term than Obama did in his final two years. Most of the benefits of his tax plan went to top income earners and businesses as opposed to the ordinary citizen. He may have been overzealous in his deregulation of the economy, As his banking deregulation might lead to too little oversight in the securities market. Furthermore, His insistence on starting a trade war will likely be damaging to the American economy as imports will become more expensive and the market will become more volatile (as we are already seeing). His protectionist trade policies go against modern economic convention and have led to a decrease in foreign direct investment into the U. S. He also made changes to Obamacare that made health coverage less available to ordinary Americans as over 7 million people have lost their coverage so far under the Trump administration. His shutdown of the government in order to pressure Democrats into voting for 5 billion dollars for the border wall was a colossal failure and put thousands of federal workers at risk. He separated peaceful families seeking asylum at the border as opposed to going after truly dangerous illegal immigrants. He vetoed a bill to import cheaper pharmaceuticals from Canada because it would negatively affect big pharma's profits. Overall, Trump simply hasn't been a president that has delivered in making the United States safer or more prosperous.

  • He is bad

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  • He is a racist

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  • He did nothing about Puerto rico

    He says he did, But he is wasting money on major corporations, And he used his accent in his speech, Also he cut disaster aid, Puerto Rico is in crisis, No electricity, No water, And also no food, So Puerto Rico needs support for that reason, And Trump spend $0 on disaster aid to Puerto Ricans

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ladiesman says2018-09-16T00:09:46.113
Trump is a threat to everything we hold dear, You cannot deny it.

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