• He isnt a flip flop like hillary

    He doesnt flip flop "ideas" and "beliefs" he didnt cheat the election to get more voters or less for others also he didnt fuck with your gmail. As well as he doesnt lie about every fucking thing to get more fucking pepls you feggot alex is a stupid nigger keemstar mem

  • Its trump aprouved

    Its trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouvedits trump aprouved

  • He is bad..Period

    Donald Trump is not a very reliable source. He never mentioned about taking away taxes and he never mentioned about fixing our our community. We know Kanye more popular anyways so it is pretty easy for Kanye to win the vote. Donald Trump probably only trying to get popular cause he's jealous. It's annoying sometimes..

  • Is Trump Fit for president

    Absolutely not, this Orange Ape/Bombastic Moron, don't have a clue of being a leader, he's just the son who inherit a sum and run a midsize business, his legacy is like his son Donald Jr., would you vote for him?. Certainly not. Don't understand why US have such president. !Sad! As he say.

  • Is Trump a reliable president?

    Due to the fact that Donald Drumpf constantly insults people, lies, is unreliable, cheats people out of their money so he can increase his wealth, acts like a bully, is endorsed by the KKK (who hate anyone that is non-white), and is endowed by the leaders of North Korea, China, and Russia, makes me think that Donald Drumpf belongs in a mental institution rather than sitting in the White House ready to put his finger on the button that detonates a nuclear weapon because some foreign leader insulated him by stating "Donald is a moron."

    If Donald is elected with Newt Gingrich as vice president then we will have two men as our leaders, who have been married for the third time and who each has cheated on their previous two wives. Donald took the 5th amendment when asked on the court stand if he had cheated on any of his wives.

  • Donald trump sucks

    Donald trump wants Mexicans to build the wall and pay for it why would they do that if he wanted them out. If he wanted to get the mexicans out his wife would be gone too. And he is way too racist to blacks and Mexicans and he only cares about the whites.

  • Trump is, as J. K. Rowling says, worse than Voldemort.

    First of all, Donald Trump is racist. Calling to not accept Syrian Refugees? Yeah. I wish to say one thing about that.
    Imagine you're in an America similar to Syria. Things are terrible. Crime is rampant, you're getting bombed every few days, and you can't protect your family. Children are being used as human shields for crying out loud. You want to move to a different country with your family, and start a new, safe life. But you can't, because the only country you think would help you, is supposed to be full of freedom, happiness and jobs, is keeping you out. And not only that, but keeping you out based on your religion.
    We, the citizens of America, are supposed to be protecting the freedom of religion we as human beings have the right to have, given to us by the constitution. You want to erase the idea of terrorism from our minds? Then we need to ban guns, or at least for Muslim immigrants and refugees as long as ISIS is going on. They are not necessary. Every supporter of guns says that they need them to protect themselves, but that protection wouldn't be necessary because of two things: if we elect a good President we wouldn't need to protect ourselves against the government, and we wouldn't need to protect ourselves against other people with guns.
    Second, Trump has these as a few of his points: He's gonna build a wall, he's great, he wants to ban immigrants, he wants more jobs for Americans, he wants to help the wealthy, and he wants drugs to be legal.
    I only agree with more job opportunities for Americans, but I don't exactly think he even wants to do that without taking jobs from Mexico and China, and he's unreliable.
    It seems to me that he wants to full on make us 100% independent, and even isolated from other countries. This happened in Albania during the latest third of the 1900s. Google it if you don't know what happened during that time.
    Overall: he's racist, unreliable and shallow. Mostly talk.

    Everyone who reads this: go to FeelTheBern.Org. Sorry for advertising, but I swear that, after you read a lot of the website, you'll at least want to become a Democrat.
    I'm free to admit that I'm a socialist. Pro free health care, larger minimum wages, and, over all, welfare and systems in general. Communism is bad if we have the wrong leaders for them, and if there are no firm rules. America is a Democratic Socialist state.
    Who else is a socialist?

    One last thing: Donald Trump is leading the polls for Republicans. But he probably won't beat a Democrat in the actual election. So, have no fear: he probably won't become President.

  • If you think trump is a good president, you've only seen one side...

    Trump discriminates minorities which is the opposite of what US citizens are supposed to do. That's really all you need to know. He's not a good representative for the republican party and I bet many republicans know that. Trump even said that if he'd rather be his own party than leave the polls. And Trump does seem to run his own party. He high fives other candidates at the republican debate for making fun of people... WHO DOES THAT!? Those who say that he's managed businesses, well that's wrong. Sure he owns tons of stuff but that's from his father. Donald Trump himself has led several businesses into bankruptcy and without a doubt he will with the US too.

    Ryan Higa, a youtuber, said as a joke this phrase: "Because the one thing that all of these groups: black people, asians, muslims, hispanics, whatever... We're all a part of one group... One which you are part of too. And that's human beings. And by your logic, every human being is a racist terrorist prostitute theif who can't drive. And guess what? Your last name is trump."

  • No point in voting.

    There are no really good people in this day in age. Everyone that is poor has no sense of work. Everyone that does has to care for 50 more people, because all the presidents force it on them. So unless mitt or walker comes back in the race no point in voting. So just people who no nothing vote.

  • Nope He's Not

    Donald Trump has the energy and attitude of someone who doesn't take crap from anybody, which I believe a lot of people like. However, his policies are extremely misguided and his temper scares me, especially when it comes to foreign policy. His attitude towards women is also a downside. Many people lap it up because they believe he exercising his right to free speech and expressing his mind...Which he is, but as a potential leader of our country there are better words he could be using to describe his frustration with certain individuals. There's a fine line between being brutally honest and being openly offensive for attention's sake, and Donald Trump definitely crosses that line. He has a right to say whatever he wants, but I will not be voting for him. He's preying on people's emotions but there really isn't anything solid I see from his policies that will make America any better/safer.

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Kilk1 says2015-09-30T03:15:53.793
Well, Donald Trump isn't a reliable president—neither is Carson, Clinton, Cruz, Sanders, etc. Why? Because none of them are presidents right now; that's the office they're running for. But yeah, I guess we know that what you're asking: WOULD he be a reliable president? I don't know. I'd much rather have him over Jeb Bush, and especially over Hillary Clinton, though.
Kilk1 says2015-09-30T04:27:36.547
I'd also add that he doesn't need anyone's money, so he won't be like most of the ones currently in office. This also would make him more stable.