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  • Donald Trump Cannot Win

    Though Donald Trump leads the runners for the Republican party candidate, he does not stand a chance at becoming president. His treatment of the Muslim community is too horrible, even for America. The likenesses between his ideas on Muslim restrictions have too obvious links to Hitler and this cannot be appealing to the average American voter.

  • Because He's Preposterous

    If Donald Trump wins the Presidential Election, I will thank my lucky stars I don't live in the United States. I think the Republican party is a joke anyway, and having this clown of a candidate elected would be a step too far. I still think he's doing the whole thing for a joke to be honest. I truly don't think anyone can have such a thoughtless and offensive set of policies and viewpoints.

  • Donald Trump alienates most Americans

    Donald Trump is not a viable choice for the office of President because his extremist views alienate most Americans. He does not work the political line to be more inclusive to the vast majority of the nation. His supporters are the extremist minority and his views are racist, sexist, classist and inappropriate for the betterment of the country.

  • No, Donald Trump is nothing but an embarrassment

    Donald Trump is reacting to politics the way a television personality would in order to gain more ratings. Unfortunately, that doesn't translate on the the world stage. In a world of "Donald Trump Dictators" the U.S. has to be the peacekeeper. The U.S. has to be the better diplomat. Most importantly, the U.S. has to be the calm in the storm. Donald Trump is not that and will bring us down if he becomes president.

  • Donald Trump is a Joke.

    Is this guy serious?!? At first I thought it was just a joke to get the media fired up, but how is this guy winning? I mean, c'mon! He wants to build a Wall Of Trump between the US and mexico and he wants to ban Muslims from the country! WHY ARE PEOPLE VOTING FOR THIS TYRANT THAT WILL LEAD US TO WW3?!?

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