• He has yet to build a great wall

    As much as I enjoy the memes of the man and his odd behavior, He is also rude, Has no tact, Lies constantly, And makes me wonder why America can't choose better people for president. I'm counting the Democrats too :p
    This man is a living meme, And I honestly can't figure out if he's got a brain or a rock in his head. . .

  • He isnt trust me

    He is so cool he is cool and orange i lov his hair its so cool and he wants wlals he makes job i lov him he like annoying orange irl! :D so good don't vote yes thats so rude guys don't do it pls vote no ok goodbye :D

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GuyIncognito1 says2020-09-10T09:54:40.797
No. Donald Trump 2020!

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